Saturday, July 26, 2014

✈ Europe Part IV (Berlin)


And this is the reason why I made V do the trek from Frankfurt --> Prague --> back to Germany/Berlin
(the hotel wasn't available during the dates we were in Prague).

I would also like to add that V absolutely understood my decision thereafter hahaha. 

The hotel was converted from an old Danish Embassy and sits right next to the Berlin zoo. Service was impeccable, the design and layout of the hotel was pretty badass and the view from the room was 

Hands down the best hotel during our trip to Europe!

My first OOTD shot 

On the way to the city centre in search for food - we stopped by our 1000th Christmas market to get Currywurst and the most amazing and sinful Sugared Cream and Nutella Waffle. I wish they had stuff like that in SG! 

You can still kind of see the fog we were caught in on our way out of Prague although I must add that visibility here was 10 times clearer than it was during our intense trip :'(

And then off to the Berlin Wall. 

I prevented V from buying a piece of concrete from the wall and it's been 6 months but he's still moping over it. My best friend's boyfriend brought a piece back for her and now V is positively green with envy.


Galleria for heaps of chocolates and souvenirs for everyone back in SG + to satisfy V's cravings for German pork knuckles! 

And through another two Christmas Markets to get to Alexander Platz and the DDR museum! 

Garlic mushrooms that were the absolute bomb and a one-man hot dog show -

Quick spot of shopping at friedrichstra├če + Brandenburg Gate for a touristy shot and back to the hotel to explore the grounds :)