Thursday, September 6, 2012

Taiwan Part I

A mini graduation trip with V to Taiwan x 

We were actually hoping to go farther but we ended up having to give those destinations a miss because of HVV's pop up booth event (will blog about this very soon!) 

I'm crossing my fingers (what with V's insane work schedule) that we'll be able to make the trip at the end of the year instead! 

En route to Taipei 

At our hotel; Taipei 101 just round the block; Pet adoption corner; Taipei 101 for an early supper

Day 1½
Trying out the Jay Chou restaurant after shopping; Light dinner at a booth near our hotel; Hitting night market number 1! 

Made sure I brought a brolly (albeit a bit small and very irritating haha) this time round so I wouldn't get any tanner! 

V was slightly (okay no really) fascinated when he reached the restaurant. I didn't quite get it but I went along with it anyway haha
Please also excuse the super act-cute-but-not-very-cute-at-all picture, the sunlight reflection was making my hair look greasy so I had to use my hands to cover my head D:

You also get to see V's really horrible photo-taking skills in the set below -

I know this is incredibly fragmented (sorry, it's almost 4.30am!) but OH BOY, bubble tea in Taiwan is seriously friggin awesome. And you can find a store at literally every corner

And I'm really liking how almost everyone seems to have a dog, styles their dogs so incredibly adorably(!) and lets their dogs trot off-leash even right outside shopping centres! 


And to mark this small post off, I'm proud to announce I've (finally) unlocked and gotten down to using my Instagram :)

I may not have time to update my blog as often as I'd liked to but I figure taking a picture and uploading it can't be that time consuming so I am happy to say I've jumped on the bandwagon! 

Add me at @clarechanwm 

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  1. omg that frog umbrella is the bomb, i need it in my life NOW. can't find you on instagram btw. @theplife, u add me k