Sunday, July 7, 2013

Foodtionary II

Happy Sunday elibadi! 

I apologize for the lack of updates the last two weeks :( 

I've been so busy with working on the new site and campaigns, I've had to skip out on two work trips which wasn't that great an idea in retrospect because now that the stocks are only trickling in, I'm starting to panic! 

Anw, because I really can't tear myself away - I lose my momentum horribly if I go off for a few days - I decided to be badass and persuade our main and favorite supplier to fly in to Singapore instead. Hahah IKR so kewl.

It was a spur of the moment thing so props to her for being such a sport and rushing her visa and flying down to Singapore at such short notice (it was her first time out of China!). Dad got hold of a super good discount at MBS as well ($90 a night!) so we booked her a room there. Very fruitful trip because we managed to clear almost 100 new designs and still found the time to bring her around Singapore. Now, we're all hoping she enjoyed herself because it's just so much easier for us to have her fly in :D

As you can see, by the time we were done with our samples, we made a mess of her room (btw, what you see is like one-twentieth of the amount of samples we had!).

& yes, Mag says hurlow.

I also managed to squeeze in visits to two restaurants I've been wanting to try last week. Heaps of food pictures below :)

Stuffing your face is seriously the best way to juggle stress. 

Il Cielo at Hilton 

Very very good Italian. Cielo means the sky (see, you learn something new everyday haha) and the restaurant is perched on the top floor of Hilton. It's not very large but the contemporary decor accentuates space and you'll get a panoramic view of Orchard if you pop out for a quick walk around the rooftop pool/balcony. Great ambience as well and surprisingly, even though you're right smack in Orchard, it doesn't feel like you're in Singapore.

Started off with a variety of bread, home-made olive oil and truffle butter and our amuse bouche was crab and mozzarella (if I remember correctly). I apologize for the crass descriptions, I figured I'd be able to pull off the names of the dishes online but I wasn't able to find the exact names of what I had :( 

Sliced veal and truffled potato puree for my entree; and Scallops with caviar, foie gras and truffle for V.

Super cute Sorbet and mint palette cleanser -

And my amazing main - Truffle and Cheese ravioli; V had the Angel Hair pasta (his wasn't as good as mine though and because I was busy stuffing my face … I unfortunately didn't get to hear what flavor he ordered haha) 

We wrapped dinner with Pineapple Carpaccio Panna Cotta and Chocolate Souffle! 

I would definitely come back. 

Great ambience, wonderful food and impeccable service from the Maitre'd (in stark contrast to the horrid service we received at Jaan. Its been some time, but each time I set about blogging about it, I work myself into a fit and it's just impossible to do a post that doesn't ahem consist of some form of expletive however thinly veiled but I shall leave that for another time). 

Dim Sum at Cherry Garden, Mandarin Oriental

Perfect Cantonese Cuisine!

Its decor features a modern take on an oriental courtyard-styled pavilion and it's really one of the prettiest restaurants I've seen in Singapore. Food didn't disappoint either and for me, it was a pretty strong toss up between this and Man Fu Yuan. 

Started off with Cold Drunken Chicken,

Crispy Eggplant tossed with Chicken Floss

Crispy Roast Pork with Mustard

Fried Potato Dumplings with Curry Chicken, Fried Gyoza with Spicy Eggplant and Minced Chicken

Steamed Xiao Long Bao

Steamed Pork and Shrimp in Bean Curd Roll

Steamed Shrimp Har Gow

Steamed Mini Abalone Siew Mai 

Steamed Kurobuto Char Siew in Fluffy Bao

And dessert!

Between us, we had the Chilled Cream of Mango with Sago Pearls, Strawberry and Osmanthus and Green Tea and Sesame (?) Haha sorry I don't remember what it was and again, I can't seem to find it online! 

Here's an outfit shot to wrap up! 

And that marks my fat, busy but happy last week of June up :)

Will blog about HK really soon!

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