Sunday, May 18, 2014

✈ Europe Part II

Our second stop - Prague! 

Our first impression of the place was pretty ehh actually. We spent absolutely ages trying to find the hotel to drop off our luggage (because it was incredibly inconspicuous and squished between two buildings) and after that, an even longer time trying to find this shopping centre we were going to park the car at (because V was very concerned about the car theft issue in Prague).

Didn't help that Google Maps wasn't working either, all the signs were in Czech and we met a volley of awful people, two very cross (with us) traffic police, one rude security guard, and if possible, an even ruder supermarket cashier.

By the time we finally made it back to the hotel we were tired, grumpy and super frustrated. And then we realized that my idea of a boutique hotel (I booked the hotel btw) was a bit of a stretch. The equivalent of a concierge gave us our tv remote control and air conditioner control (!!) I think we both almost died at the dodginess of it all. 

But, as redemption for myself, for 99 euros a night complete with breakfast + great location, you have to admit, this was pretty cool/quaint: 

Given, I wasn't quite prepared for a receptionist to give me the remote controls for my room but I picked this place out because I thought the pictures of the rooms were one of the most contemporary compared to other hotels. (Very relieved to see that it turned out fine) 

First stop the next morning, brekky before Wenceslas Square for more food - Langoše fried flat bread, Trdelník sugared pastries and toasted cheese :)

A conversation of me and V before he takes a photo of me generally works like this:

Me: OK OK, you can take a picture of me now
V: mumbles something inaudible
Me: WAIT, is my hair okay? Do I have anything on my face?
V: Everything looks fine
V: Okay taken
Me: Lemme see lemme see
Me: Wtf there's a clump of hair sticking out, my forehead is peeking out through gaps in my hair, how is this fine???? I look batshit crazy. 
V: The hair? What's wrong with it? You normally look like that!
Me: …. 
Me: You wanna take ano… 
V: OH LOOK, BREAD! Let's go look at the bread

And therefore we have pictures like this:


Didn't manage to get him to retake the picture either because he was dragging me to the Old Town Square. 

And off to another X'mas market to stuff our faces again :D

Trdelnik is seriously the bomb man. 
Layers and layers of sugared cinnamon goodness.
I wish they had this stuff in Singapore. 

Charles Bridge - 

On our way to the Prague Castle - 

Popped into a random restaurant we walked past on the way back to the hotel for dinner and it turned out to be amazing

And then back to the Old Town Square for dessert round II (I am suitably ashamed of this) and to 'walk off' the dinner and buy souvenirs. 

The place really looks magical at night! 

And that wraps our first day in Prague! :) 


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