Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm sick :(

After 354634 people telling me that I'm going to fall sick at the rate I'm trying to squish work in a day, I have finally gone
and gotten myself sick. The surprising thing about it is when you really have that much work to do and your body knows,
it seems to leave a redemption of some sort.

So here I am, a day after my disgusting fever, nicely settled in bed, wrapped up like a dumpling in duvets still clearing
emails and sneaking off some time to do a photopost. God knows how long Lee has been breathing down my
neck for this so ... HERE YOU GO! now you can gasp at pictures and shed a tear of reminiscence :)

The day I flew off was pretty insane considering the ridiculous amount of things I needed to settle & handle.
It's always amusing and terrifying at the same time to be in that massive frenzy rushing everything!
Before I left though, to cheer me up, mummy bought me some accessories to bring over to Korea :)


And 12 hours later, here we are 2 grumpy girls in Seoul waiting at the lounge for our room to be done.
No pictures because we were looking dismal (okay maybe just me). I really don't take very kindly to flights.

We got an upgrade to junior suite so we were pretty happy with the extra space to loll around :)

And because Lee wouldn't let me take a nap at all to rejuvenate my poor soul,
here we are 20 minutes later scuttling across the mini-field to the train station to get to our first destination.
Weather the first day was awesomeee, sunny with cold winds :)

As silly as this sounds, it was so long since I last took public transport, I was kind of excited to get on the train hahaha.

But trying to buy the Korean version of the MRT card was just tortorous hahaha, albeit amusing.
We spent 15 minutes trying to figure out where we needed to get, 10 trying to get a machine in English, another 10
trying to find someone to speak to us in English instead and then another 10 trying to find the entrance!

We finally got where we needed to get though haha - very tired but triumphant.
And then back again to the hotel for some work & to get ready for dinner with an old school mate :)


Our second day - the last time we took public transport hahaha.
The subway was way too heated and there were too many people :(

Migliore. We went slightly insane here with the winterwear.
They had a truckload of oversized tees, accessories, ripped cardigans and outerwear!

Dinner at TGIF Coex after shopping.
I don't know if the TGIF in Singapore has the same stuff but if they do, you must try their dip and quesadillas !
They were amazing. Me & Lee were so glad that the hotel was right above the underground mall.
Made everything so convenient :)

And because some of the shops opened in the day and the others at night, and we were downright properly
confused with all the timings, we brought the map home to plan and strategise our shopping route hahaha.
Look how big the map is!
(and the list of shopping centres)
It literally took us 4 days to comb through the place and we didn't even make it to the shoe building :(

And because I just had to try it out, here's a picture of me camwhoring in the toilet with my new gel liner and no make up at all hahaha.
I'm a bit of a pathetic excuse of a girl, I only just found out about gel liner the day I flew to Korea. If I hadn't popped by
Bobbi Brown/complained to the attendant, she wouldn't have (looked at me like I was an idiot and) introduced me
to gel liner, I'd still be in the dark.

I used to use liquid eyeliner but it was a bit too stark & made me look really tired so I swapped over to pencil liner and
although I love how it looks slightly smudged, I hated how it'd go beneath my eyes.
But with this liner, I'm so pleased because I get the look I want exactly without the smudges
and with barely any make up on as well HEHE.


Exploring Coex properly - the guides all said it was the largest underground shopping complex in Asia but for the life
of us we didn't understand why until we realised that we had only been trawling through a tiny little section.

Off the main path, there were a couple of other shops that were nais, cute and quaint.
Both of us were properly fascinated by some of them.
We passed a couple that had balenciaga/mulberry/hermes/alexander.w bags in their window displays and they looked so brilliant/
the colors were so amazing and close to the real thing we thought they were, or at least secondhand.
Lee had her Bal bag with her and we were trying to do discreet comparisons and we couldn't tell the difference.

Turns out they were (incredible) fakes.
Compared to HK/China they're more expensive but you really have to hand it to the Koreans for being able to come up
with such replicas.

Dinner after at Omurice for a local taste of Omelette & Rice.
Not my cup of tea though. Too squishy.


Shopping at Rodeo Drive/Galleria.
The variety of brands here and their ranges put Singapore to shame! :(

Me and lee were all prepared to hop into all the shops since it was such a brilliant day but within minutes it was cloudy
and then it started hailing (!) so we were stranded in a little box to shade ourselves :(

Okay very abrupt ending but I'm starting to wheeze and cackle as if my life is getting drawn from me so I'm going to blog
about the rest of the trip in my next post.

Gonna go take a break and start on my emails again.
I have 100 emails left to go and another 200 to resend - we found out that our external mailer has been failing us quite
sadly so some of you who have specifically asked queries but not gotten any reply, it's not because we're ignoring you!
It's because the mailer didn't send it out. But we're on it we're on it, will try to send out the rest by tonight/tomorrow :)

At least everything's looking alot better now.
Most of the BOs have arrived/been packed/mailed, most of the emails cleared, wondering if I should try to sneak
in a small preview later on tonight if I'm feeling better :)

Oh and yes, we've also found our new photographer/photoshopper. Me and Mag really like her designs :)
Once she starts work, that'll be another load off our shoulders. Can't wait!



  1. Anonymous24 May, 2010

    hihi!! chanced upon your blog and saw the beautiful and clear pictures u've posted! am keen to know what camera are u using?

    and also... so lucky of you! to receive so many Chanel! lucky babe! =)

    oh yah, I bought a Cream Chiffon Blouse from HVV before but it was delayed for a long period before it was sent to us...

    Sent an email to HVV but received no reply. Wanted to enquire the differences in picture and item itself. Hope to hear from you soon @ thanks!


  2. Anonymous24 May, 2010

    wow looks like you had so much fun in Korea! :)) do take care of yourself and don't overwork! :) would love to see a preview on what's coming up on hvv when you're feeling better! :)


  3. Anonymous24 May, 2010

    Take care n rest well clare! =)

  4. Anonymous28 May, 2010

    sucks...helooo..r u doing ur job??!!!

  5. Anonymous30 May, 2010

    where are your boots from? =)

  6. Zhen: i ran a search but i couldn't find your email, could you reforward it to me? thanks!

    Shristine: i did! hehs preview will be up soon :)

    Anon: thanks for the well wishes!

  7. they're from minnetonka moccasins :)

  8. which hotel did u stay in?

  9. we stayed at intercontinental grand

  10. Anonymous31 May, 2010

    wow, is it only bobbi brown's gel liner that doesn't smudge or all gel liners don't smudge?
    How much does it cost?

  11. i havn't bothered trying another brand's gel liner because im so pleased with bobbi brown's :) if im not wrong its about $30 thereabotus?