Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hm, am waiting like patience on a monument for gmail to reset the limit so that I can start replying emails again.

Had a good talk with the mother just now and I feel so much better.
She's so funny and silly and mean in her own little way that it never fails to cheer me up.
Love how she always pops into my room and dives into my bed complaining it's so cold before launching into her
happy exclamations of 'talk to me about xxx!' What I would do without her buzzing around is beyond me. Heehee

Anyway, we're going to be updating with an extremely mini-post on Jipaban tomorrow!
I'm still swamped with my own pile of work and am intending to focus completely on whatever I have left so
the post will be fully handled by my assistant separately. Crossing my fingers that everything will go brilliantly :)
Now I'm just waiting for the preview to be done. If there's time left, will definitely put it up!

In other work news, I've found other alternatives and everything looks very promising but I'm going to tread
really carefully so nothing that can go wrong goes wrong. Hopefully things will work out well and everything will
be smoothsailing and trouble-free from here!

And and and some good news that made my day...
After an incredibly long wait, the preorder for the Reissue is finally on it's way to me!
The wait was so long, I completely forgot about it so it was a very pleasant surprise when I received this:


I didn't like the idea of waiting for multiple bags to get to me so I put off the idea of getting a new oversized bag but...
now I can go back to deciding what I want especially since the pound has dropped brilliantly.
Everyone always says Paris is the cheapest to get bags but thats wrongwrongwrong (okay maybe for some).
But I honestly believe that for Bal & Chanel, London is the place to get everything.
The range is good, the price is good and best of all you can get more without the guilt hahaha.

Have a million other pictures to post from my Korea trip, Mag's 18th at Les Amis and an awesome Peking Duck
dinner I had with V at Jade Fullerton but all of that will have to wait for another time because it's back to work for me.

Some of you have been asking me to set up a formspring and it's so interesting and fascinating I did just that hahaha.
Didn't have the time to broadcast the link on my old blog previously so here it is!
Ask me anything! :)


  1. Anonymous10 May, 2010

    would you consider setting up a twitter account for HVV so we, the customers will know more bout the latest updates?

  2. Anonymous10 May, 2010

    have u finally decided i was right all along and blogspot is awesome! :p

    sorry i havent replied you sms. life is effing craxy, i want to sleep so badly. so at least a week. but nooooooo

    feel free to come whenever you and lee can! i have dental convention from 7-11th though, but its all good, i can always hang out outside of the times i have to be there.

    keep me in the loop!

    lub chew

  3. Anonymous10 May, 2010

    show p;ics when arrive ! pls pls !!

    how to order?

  4. Anonymous10 May, 2010

    Hey Clare! In case you didn't realise, your twitter link is wrong! :) It should be clare_chan right?

  5. Anonymous11 May, 2010

    hi babe,

    can share how u pre-order ur chanel reissue ? is it directly from paris store?

    hope u can share this good lobang.

    if not convenient to post here, could u email me?


  6. hi, how did you manage to get an international chanel order? which store was it from? thanks in advance!!

  7. Anonymous13 May, 2010

    Hello, you're putting up post at Jipaban too? By the way, when's your next post at hervelvetvase?

  8. Anonymous16 May, 2010

    Hi babe! Just would like to tell you that your twitter link on your blogspot is wrong!! Haha its supposed to be clare_chan!!! LOL. Anw, when is HVV updating? Really love your clothes and style :)

  9. Anonymous31 May, 2010

    hello! what website do you go to buy your chanel and bal? and is it a lot cheaper? can email me to share this good info!

  10. Anonymous14 June, 2010

    Hi clare! could you share the website where u purchase ur chanel bag?? thanks :)

  11. hi! able to share which website u buy your chanel and bal? Thanks in advance!