Friday, June 25, 2010

And, I'm (momentarily) back from my blogging hiatus!
Thought I'd update this space with my long overdue other half of a Korea photo-post and Mag's birthday dinner.
Unfortunately, the rest of the pictures will have to wait till next time when I'm back from classes in Melbourne and
another 2 back-to-back trips right after >:)


At Myeongdong for some good old cosmetic shopping!

The range of cosmetic brands at MD is seriously insane; it's the perfect place to buy gifts/souvenirs for friends :)

We ended up happily popping into all the little cosmetic stores (getting ourselves conned into buying all sorts of useless cosmetics heh);
local Korean designer shops; H&M, Zara, Mng, Topshop, F21 (all of which seemed to have different stocks than the ones in Singapore!)

Ooh and this is also the place to get whitening products!
If the sales person hadn't grabbed Lee's hand and voraciously rubbed the whitening cream on it and insisted we wait 3 mins before rubbing
it off to see the difference, we wouldn't have been convinced/walked away with 20 tomatoes each to keep for ourselves and for friends! ;)

And then off to Shinsaegae to look for the best friend's precious & very specific miracle BB cream and my mum's cosmetics.

Lee recommended Amore Pacific so I got the eye cream and anti-aging face cream for her to try out.
She wasn't lying when she warned me that it'd cost an arm, leg and kidney even when compared to other high end cosmetic brands..
But you really have to admit it does work wonders :)
Such a pity that Singapore doesn't seem to stock it!!

Sidetracking a little, look at how frilly & princessy they did Etude House.
Both of us were so tickled by it!

Walking back from the Coex taxi stand to our hotel.
It's such a nice fuzzy feeling to walk in the cold and take in the gorgeous view from the Square :)


Next day: Across the river for more shopping!

Our route for the day.
The map was so big (yes, because there were that many shopping malls) we were having trouble holding it up.

Best of all, shopping in Seoul is pretty damned brilliant because half the malls open in the day and the the other half through the night
making it literally a 24-hour shopping haven >:)

We went back 3 days consecutively and it still wasn't enough time to clear all the shops!


Next up.. A local shopping street that Lee brought me to :)

It reminds me so much of Chapel St in Melbourne, just prettier!

The entire street was littered with all sorts of exciting stores both of us were just ogling haha.
Handmade accessories, inspired bags, shoes, vintage apparel, local designer made dresses, cupcake cafes, italian restaurants..

Lunch at a restaurant that Lee read up on and the beef risotto was to die for.

Maple and chocolate syrup almond waffles for dessert before I was cheated into taking off in search of Rodeo Street :(

At Ralph Lauren's Flagship store in front of Dosan Memorial Park -
where yours truly basically got cheated into believing my (geography-failing) best friend's claim that walking through the park would
get us promptly to Rodeo St.

We walked to the end of the park only to realise it was all fenced up & there was only one entrance so we had to walk all the way back -_-

I figured someone looking so intently at 2 maps would have an inkling of where to go.

I figured wrong.


Here's to us walking through the fenced up park amidst birds and ducks and people doing taichi like 2 very silly idiots looking
for a beverly-hills type street (and me bleating non-stop to Lee)


We eventually ended up at a street but it wasn't the one we were looking for
and Lee was grumpy because we never quite managed to find it..

But then it dawned on me (10 minutes ago) ... we've actually been to Rodeo St.
We are such idiots; I cannot believe we never realised it!

Rodeo is the one we were stranded at because of the hail!

We kept on repeating that it was like the Beverly Hills equivalent with all the brilliant brands and it was right in front of us all
this time and it never occurred to us -_- I ran a search online and it is, it is!


Okay anyway, moving on and stupidity aside, pictures of our last day!

Night markets for awesome street food, candy floss, insanely high choc&vanilla ice cream, sugar biscuits, potato fries and breadtalk :)

And that just about sums it up - 14 days of vacationing, spending quality/highlarious time with the best friend,
vehement shopping, stuffing of faces..

It was a bitch to come back and deal with emails non-stop for 2 months; clearing up the mess that happened when I left
but the trip was awesome and I'm so glad that I agreed to go even though it was so abrupt.
If I could, I'd do it again - and I'm hoping Melbourne will be even more fun because all 4 of us will be there :)

Spontaneity is the way manxx.


Mag's 18th Birthday at Les Amis.

With the parents for degustation :)

Happy Birthday Maggles :)

Even though you looked like a grumpy child-eater in NuYou I still <3 you

Thank you for loving and accepting my noisiness and always somehow being there for me.
You don't know it, but you're like the shit-catcher with the bucket when shit hits the fan and that means heaps to me.

You're the weirdest sister anyone could possibly have but I wouldn't swap you for nuts :))))

Our outfits for the day :)

And with that ... I'm logging off till I come back from Aus!

I'll be off for 2 weeks to Melbourne for school and to catch up with the best friends, a short trip with the family when I come back
because I've been so caught up with work I really havn't been able to spend quality time with them :(

And hopefully a short getaway with V for his birthday and to spend time with him before he leaves to Sweden for 6 mths :(

In the meantime, I'm going to try and clear as much as I can before I go...
I've scheduled myself to come back before BOs arrive so nothing can go too wrong (crossing my fingers), I've also got full time
helpers now so they'll handle everything except the difficult/more personal emails - I'll try to do that as promptly as I can.
Unfortunately replies will be slightly delayed, so I'll need to seek your patience & understanding! :)

In the meantime, check out these eyecandy pictures!
Me and Mag are planning to bring our parents here for a relaxing trip :)
I hope they like it!


  1. Janelle Peh25 June, 2010

    Hi Clare,

    Enjoy your trip :>
    Btw i love both the dresses on you & Mag!
    Both of you look way awesome on Urban cover page too :) Have a safe and good trip :)

  2. Anonymous26 June, 2010

    love the dress you wore to les amis, clare! where did you find it? :)

  3. Anonymous26 June, 2010

    The place you wanna bring your parents to looks beautiful! May I know where is it? :)

  4. Anonymous26 June, 2010

    hey! love the dress u wore for mag's bday! is that from HVV?

  5. Hello Clare, I really enjoyed reading this entry! May I know what brand of BB cream did your best friend look for in Shinsaegae? Thanks :)

  6. no lor we were at cheongdam main road for the hail, and rodeo st is meant to be pretty shite so i'm ok about missing that now :) but next time we go back we're going to all those flagships i was telling you about which we somehow put in the backburner for our dongdaemun obsession lol. am sad clare, fucked my starvation and my body's not yet in homeostasis so every day that i fuck it, my body weight skyrockets. ARGH. fucking do not want to look so gross in melb like i did in korea but looks like it's gonna happen :'(

  7. Anonymous27 June, 2010

    hey clare! looking so lovely! mag too! :) saw the cover of urban and you two look fantastic! i even asked my friend to keep a copy for me till i get back to sg so i can read it! :) have lots of fun during your holiday and look forward to hvv next update! :) take care! xx

  8. hi! may i know whats the bb cream that you best friend uses? thanks!!

  9. Anonymous30 June, 2010

    So pretty!! where is this place may i know? : )

  10. Anonymous02 July, 2010

    hey girls

    love your dresses!
    may i know where u got ur nude dress fr, claire?

  11. where's that place in the last 3 pictures? it's gorgeous :)

  12. Anonymous03 July, 2010

    Where is that place? It looks beautiful!

  13. Anonymous04 July, 2010

    Hi, my friend's going on a trip to korea.. may i know other than the tomato whiteining thingy, what other products did you buy/is a MUST BUY?? Will appreciate if u can list some of them!!

  14. Anonymous09 July, 2010

    Thats mega big Chanel earrings you wore to les amis!!

  15. janelle: thanks! :) the dresses that both of us wore will be up on HVV soon!

    anonymous/gina: i brought my parents to bali to relax!

    clara/alexis: haha i was too busy eating my ice cream to take note. she's still in melbourne now but when she comes back, i'll ask her and you reply you here again.

    shristine: thank you so much for allowing us to give your contact to the reporter! your quote was there too!! :)

    anonymous: both dresses that me and mag wore for her birthday dinner will be up on HVV soon!

    anonymous: hahaha yes they are, but so nice and bright and shiny!!! :)

  16. Where in Bali, may I ask? What is the name of the villa?