Monday, July 26, 2010


Some of you may remember that I did an advertorial for Toni & Guy Essensuals some time back. That was my first time
doing a proper advertorial and I was pretty worried at first that it may seem to some of our customers that we were
getting too commercialized/selling out. But I'm glad that the response we've received so far has proven otherwise!
We chose to accept advertorials not only because we wanted to answer queries about where we/Claire our model
get our hair/nails/facials/make up done but also to share additional perks as a small thank you to our loyal supporters :)

Anyhow in my previous post, I mentioned how both of us have been pretty obstinate when it comes to accepting new
advertorials because we only believe in supporting a brand that we have personally used and trust. Well, you can rest assured
that we're intending to stick by that little motto regardless and sift out the best deals for you girls :)

Anyway this time round.. we're collaborating with Strip!

While I don't normally do my nails/waxing in Singapore, Mag was a happy happy camper because shes been going
to them since some time ago and absolutely loves the place.

I don't really do any beauty stuff in Singapore because I'm abit of a pansy so I'm terrified of pain; nitpicky when it comes
to hygiene and also because I really don't take very kindly to being ushered into a small and cramped place to do
my nails. I tried it once when I came back from Melbourne and found it mildly disturbing to be squashed into a small bowl
while someone violently raced through painting my nails and the next customer stood in queue right in front of me staring
down, waiting and willing me to get out with her beady eyes. That was pretty much the first and last time I tried any of
that and even when Mag attempted to persuade me to try out Spa Espirit, I declined multiple times until of course this
opportunity came up and Mag would hear none of it.

She brought me to Beauty Emporium at House, Dempsey for a leg waxing session and full mani/pedi. Honestly, I wasn't
expecting much of the place so I was pretty damned surprised when I walked through the entrance to this,

which you have to admit kind of looks like a quaint mix of Ikea and Marche.

I love the concept they have; little counters, booths and sections for different types of treatments -
aroma therapy, massages, essences, spa products, a small nail parlor and Browhaus and Strip right at the end.

They've even got this incredibly cute concept for their Test Kitchen :)

If the marketing director hadn't told us, I wouldn't have realised that Beauty Emporium, House and Barracks are
under the same company!

Basically during lunch time, they've got a baker to come in to make cupcakes/brownies/cookies.
You're encouraged to try any of them although you don't have to pay for it. But if you like what shes made, you pop what
you think is worth into a tin box. All you have to do is fill out a feedback form and she'll work on it before she perfects
the recipe and that's when the pastries are sold downstairs at Barracks Cafe :)


Anyway, moving on to the waxing session,

No pictures allowed during the process but for someone who is terrified of pain, it was manageable.

Actually, considering I was able to camwhore afterwards in the room while waiting for Mag, it was pretty damn good hahaha

And moving on to our full mani/pedi session :)

Check out the seat/view :)
It's pretty refreshing to have greenery (and leaping squirrels) peeking back at you whilst stoning/getting your nails painted.

If you've got heaps of patience, the full mani-pedi is good because you get to properly sink into the armchair with hot lemon tea,
fluffy blankets and pillows, the full cleansing, trimming and nail painting treatment as well as a light massage.

Haha and heres me admiring my nails while waiting for our vouchers :)


When you pop down to Barracks on Thursdays and Fridays, you may also notice that they've got a high tea buffet from
3pm - 5.30pm at Barracks Cafe.

They've got a really pretty array of cakes, scones, tarts, mousse, cookies and finger sandwiches and these are the
pastries that would have been approved previously by customers from the Test Kitchen :)

A small perk for those who decide to pop down to Beauty Emporium on Thursdays or Fridays for treatment;
during checkout, you'll be offered a discount voucher for 2 for their high tea buffet :)

The usual price is $25 nett per person but the voucher entitles you to $10 off per person and a free pot of tea!

Cheers to a relaxing afternoon pampering yourself before hopping off downstairs for high tea.
Now you know why I was sold ;)

And since we're doing a small collaboration with Strip, the first 300 customers to make payment during our next
collection will receive a 20% discount voucher off a la carte service* slotted into their parcel!

*Services include:
Strip Waxing
Manicure & Pedicure

You can use this voucher at any of the outlets listed below:
Strip Co-Ed Beauty Emporium 8D Dempsey Road #02-01
Strip Co-Ed Cathay #02-10
Strip Co-Ed Great World City #03-09
Strip Co-Ed Ion Orchard #03-17A

Strip Co-Ed Mandarin Gallery #03-37

Strip Co-Ed Shenton Way Malacca Centre #B1-00

Strip Village 34C Lorong Mambong

**For those who are interested, please remember to call up to book an appointment and to clarify the availability of
services at the respective stores as some stores do not offer certain treatments/services.

**Further terms and conditions can be found at the back of the voucher.

More details will be up in our upcoming HVV post as well as in the vouchers :)

And here's a small preview of what's coming up the next post!
Will update this space with more pictures once Mandy uploads the rest of them :)


  1. hi clare,
    thanks for sharing such a beautiful place. are the mani/pedi prices steep?
    anyway do u mind sharing which dermatologist u are visiting now? do u have the number so that i will be able to call up to enquire?
    thanks for help!

  2. Did you manufacture the dress you wore to mag's birthday? I really want to get that white dress. so pretty. (:

  3. Anonymous27 July, 2010

    may i know the black dress that Mag wore, where did she got it?thxn

  4. Anonymous27 July, 2010

    When is the launch? =)

  5. debdeb: actually for a mani/pedi it can get pretty steep but then again it does last for almost an hour and you get additional perks thrown in. for me, i think the express is good enough. i unfortunately don't have the patience to have someone go at my nails for more than 15 mins anddd it's alot more reasonably priced!

    aly: yes i did, it's coming up the next post :)

    her maxi dress? it's actually a really dark blue. i think she got it from asos!

    next launch will be after my trip!