Sunday, August 1, 2010

Since I'm waiting for gmail to reset, I thought I'd pop in for a small update :)

July has been pretty insane; flying to Melb for school, a trip with the family, looking and finally settling for a brand new office/renovations,
conducting interviews, training newcomers, HVV's features and collaborations, and finally working on the details for the new website..
I'm still reeling from all that rushing and madness.. and it's not over yet!
3 days later, I leave for a week long trip but not before dealing with some crazy deadlines. I hope to goodness we pull through!

The month was time well spent though, especially the 2 weeks in Melbourne to visit the best friends and to attend class.

It was brilliant brilliant company, comic moments, gossip sessions, emo-weemo nights, vulgar shopping, and good food everyday!

To eleven years of friendship and counting :)

Insert a very rare mush moment.
I've given a fair share of shit to each of my friends and it never fails to fuzz me up each time I think of how even though
we're half way across the globe, I know they'll always have my back.
Wipe that look of your faces.
<3 you guys x42345889 and then some

And because you wern't there, here's a tribute to you and how unbecoming you are as a medical student <3

I'll be back in Melbourne in October so elibadi, wait upppp for me :)))


And here's what we woke up to every morning during our trip to Bali.
The view from the villa was seriously gorgeous.
I didn't think the place would look as good as the pictures online but it did!
And ten times more when you get to stand at the edge of the cliff and peer down at the waves beneath.

The parents loved it and I'm glad that we were able to go away for a short trip just to relax, take a breather and
spend some good old family time together.

Now that was a therapeutic holiday! :)


Moving on .. I can't wait for the basic renovations for the office to be completed so that I can start designing and furnishing the place.
Me and Mag have been amusing ourselves with the amount of incredible ideas we want to incorporate (all) into the office.

And this is one of my top priorities -

I MUST have a candy floss making machine in the office.

It makes people happy. And what better way to make everyone who pops by our office happy right? :)

Nevermind that it could possibly be a cow to maintain (my mum's first protest), I will find a way to maintain it.

Anyway, on to more serious stuff, in conjunction with a very exciting new collaboration, we were hoping to do a small scale
office-warming party (not so soon though) with sneakpeaks of what's coming up, together with an exclusive sale for items
that have been previously sold as well as those that have never been released at amazing deals.

At the moment, we're still considering though!
It's been a looong time since we last held a warehouse clearance sale and we haven't attempted to hold any others apart from
that so we're unfortunately a little bit rusty and unsure if the response will be positive.

Let me know what you guys think :)

In the meantime, Imma go back to work and cross my fingers that I can clear everything before my next trip!


  1. Hi there! Hahaha I lol-ed at the candy floss making machine! Your blog is such a joy to read always :) anyways, how often does hvv launch? It always seems like ages! Any idea when's the next launch? :) will the blazer uve been wearing in prev posts be coming up?
    If u're gonna conduct sales/housewarming I will definitely try and squeeze myself in for it :) sounds fun!

  2. hi, is your tomato whitening cream from skinfood? =)

  3. Clare, yes please to small scale office-warming party :> you know i'll love to pop by haha!!

    and gosh your idea of candy floss making machine is so cool but i guess your mom's thinking of the more practical part and ants would probably be there to stay :\

  4. Hey, where is that place in Bali you stayed in? looks awesome!

  5. hi babe,
    are there any available positions? i wish to work in your team

  6. You can get that at great world city! I bought both the popcorn machine and candy floss machine, haha, it's really awesome!! Can't wait to see it in your new office! :)

  7. Hi Clare, you are studying in Melbourne? Which uni and what degree are you doing? :) You look good, all the best for HVV!


    I DIE.


  9. Hi Clare! May I know which hotel/villa you stayed in Bali. If you don't mind. The view is beautiful.
    Thanks. -- Yu Gie (

  10. L: haha everyone said i was such an airhead for putting it up. unfortunately hvv has been launching pretty irregularly because ive been flying pretty often and i was back in melb for a couple of weeks due to school anddd we've also been waiting for the office to be ready before we post; everything is just so incredibly messy now!! BUT good news is the office is almost done so we'll be posting soon once we settle down nicely and get more packers/verifiers! and yes, the blazer will be coming up soon as well! :) because i replied this so late (sorry!) its also confirmed that we're gonna have a office-warming party but we're gonna keep it pretty exclusive. we're thinking of how to give passes away but will update about that slightly later on!

  11. fang: thanks! :) yes she was thinking just that! but ive managed to convince her that by investing in lots of cleaning crap we can keep the ants away hahaha

  12. the resort is at bali, uluwatu :)

  13. patweez: thanks! i'll keep your offer in mind and if we open up positions officially, we'll drop you an email :)

  14. REALLY!! you just made my day! i thought i had to resort to getting it overseas. does it look exactly the same as that? :)

  15. thanks! i used to study in melbourne but now im doing offcampus at monash so i only fly back for compulsory classes/meetings with my lecturers for my thesis :)

  16. phoon: you do realise pictures of you without the mask at kmart will be up anyway when i post my melb pics right? hahaha

  17. Yu Gie: we stayed at alila villas uluwatu in bali :)