Saturday, August 7, 2010

Her Velvet Vase Giveaway

On the plane right now headed to Tokyo - It's an obscene hour and I'm meant to be coming up with an exciting way to put this
getaway across but I'm having a major mind block! What's hitting me now instead is how far HVV has come … can you believe
its been 3 years since we started?? Cue me shaking a sleepy V violently to ask if he's amazed (only to get a grumpy grunt in reply :()

(Sidetracking a little) It honestly feels just like yesterday when me and Mag first lamented that there weren't enough avenues
of shopping; came up with the name Her Velvet Vase; excitedly worked on our free Livejournal template (ha ha)
and started our first sourcing of clothes in Melbourne, pleading with supplier after supplier in the hopes of allowing us
to go below the minimum quantity of order placements. Looking back now, we were such desperadoes!
Hahaha but we really were very lucky that we got our big break :)

I mean of course it hasn't been smooth sailing all the way.

It's a very nostalgic issue when I, or rather I can probably safely say all of us, look back fondly (and amusedly) at all the times
(although they weren't very amusing then) when we were met with problems that seemed unsolvable. Like the Chinese New Year
where our (at that time) most successful backorder screwed up horribly and we had to email our customers with the dreadful deed of
explaining the situation or the time we moved to a shopping cart system and the response was so negative and bleak that we almost gave up.

I'm glad we didn't though.
It was a long 10 months but we've managed to stand up again - amidst learning a great deal along the way of course.
Falling was hard but it taught us how to grit our teeth and claw back up. We've struck up invaluable friendships,
built memories, and learnt from our own experiences; how to be patient, tolerant, diligent, grateful and thankful.

Yes, grateful and thankful.

Which is actually the reason why I'm doing this post!
(Wait, was that a smoof transition or what?? Hahaha)

But back to the serious stuff, we've actually been meaning to do this for some time and we're glad we've found a
great brand to collaborate with :) As a small gesture of gratitude, HVV has collaborated with one of our favorite and
most trusted brands - Bobbi Brown for a giveaway! :)

Just a small introduction while we're at it..

This season, Bobbi Brown has come up with their latest limited edition Denim & Rose Collection which features a
range of new colors and an exciting new look.

Click on the picture below for a larger image :)

In line with this new collection, Bobbi Brown will also be conducting workshops and makeovers over a span of 1 week for interested
customers to pop down and learn how to apply make up/try out their latest products.

For more details, click on the picture below :)

And .. here comes the exciting part!

As a small thank you, Her Velvet Vase will be giving away Denim Revolution Makeover passes worth $100 each to 35 lucky customers!

Winners will receive the following:
A free makeover worth $80
$100 worth of Bobbi Brown products of your choice
A complimentary gift from Bobbi Brown for being an HVV customer
Hairstyling tips from hair experts
An exciting photography experience
An 8R portrait of yourself

All you have to do is email us by 11th August 12PM in 3 sentences or more why you think you deserve to go for the makeover! :)
Please direct all emails to

Winners will be contacted via email on 11th August before 11.59PM.

On top of that, all customers who attend the makeover/workshop also stand a chance to win a guaranteed pair of passes to
HVV's exclusive year-end office-warming party!
You can expect a small tea party, sneak previews of designs from our main and new label, as well as a private sale of popular sold out items
and never-sold-before pieces at amazing prices!
All you have to do is wear an HVV dress on the day and take a picture of yourself with your 'after' make up and let us
know what you've learnt from the makeover session!

Email the details to and you will be guaranteed a pair of exclusive passes. Very simple :)

For those who are interested in registering directly, you can contact Bobbi Brown (payment through credit card over the phone)
or email us at (payment through IB)

Depending on availability of slots, we will be accepting registrants up till 12th August 2010.


Anyway, to help Claire learn how to apply make up effortlessly we also brought her down for a small lesson earlier on this week :)
Wymond from Bobbi Brown Centrepoint taught her how to choose the most suitable foundation, apply gel liner, eyeshadow, blush and lipgloss.

Check out some of the pictures Mag took during the make up process!

Us at Bobbi Brown Centrepoint with Wymond our make up artist and Felicia the marketing executive of Bobbi Brown :)

A sneak peek at the amazing array of cosmetics to choose from.

Me and Mag have always been fans of Bobbi Brown because we really like how the brand plays with a range of colors yet retains
an earthy, natural-looking brown base in all it's products.

We think it plays up our best features without going overboard with dramatic colors ;)


And to end off, a couple of shots with Felicia and Wymond.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to work with you guys!! :)

Loveee Claire for always being such a sport!

For clearer pictures of the final look that Claire managed to achieve with her new Bobbi Brown make up, you must check out the preview
e-posters that we've put up on our website here,!

Tell us what you think about it!! :)

Just a small note, I'm really sorry that replies to emails are a bit slower :( Please rest assured that once I get back, I will clear everything as soon as possible! Please do not send in any hvv-product/order related queries to the email addresses that have been provided above as these email accounts will not be handled by us. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding! :)

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  1. thanks hvv for the wonderful shopping experience and also thanks for the bobbi brown makeover. i am truly grateful:)