Sunday, October 31, 2010


I havn't been in here for so long, I've had to request for a new password to log in.

Sifted through the heaps of pictures I've accumulated over the months this morning and felt all warm & mooshy. So here I am (again), inspired to start documenting random snippets of stuff thats been happening in my life.

When V left for Sweden in August, I thought I'd be maimed without him around but the past few months have passed just like that and I'm actually having problems grasping that it's already end of October. I've been so furiously scuttling around trying to set everything straight and proper - fixing up the last bits of the office, rushing my regrettably very half-assed-done assignments, poring over interviews .. setting out to hire a team of helpers, assessing their fortes, training them, trying to rush out as many posts I can before I leave, planning the details for our office-warming party, finalising our CNY designs and finally finding good&proper suppliers that I know I can really rely on.

With all of that, I've barely had any time to even sit down to catch a breath.

But 3 hiphurrahs to those who have helped us this far :)
By a slight and extremely lucky twist of chance I was able to find an awesome awesome awesome team of assistants. And honestly, when I think of how they've helped HVV, I feel so indescribably touched I could weep.

I've been receiving emails commending me for our improved efficiency lately and while I'd like to thank all of you for your support and patience with us, I really have to let you guys know that it's really not because of me; it's because I have a team of selfless, full-of-nonsense, happygolucky, bad-music and food-obsessed (but I assure you very responsible) team of helpers that are literally working round the clock to rush out emails, verifications and parcels :)

We may have had a slow start because we've had to play trial & error with hiring. And also because of the workload and the different tiers of difficulty we've categorised the emails/issues to, quite a number of them are still learning the ropes and working on their speed and efficiency. But we're all trying really hard and I feel it in my bones that given time, we'll be able to prove our worth!

In other politicxzxz type of news, as much as I would like to be blissfully ignorant, I'm aware there seems to be heaps of gossip and controversy making their rounds about us. A lot of stirrers have also been popping by and leaving irrelevant and anonymous visits. I know there are others who are genuinely concerned and I thank you for your heads up.

I don't know how to stress enough though that I am disinterested in these rumors and disinterested in going out of my way to refute them. And it's really not because I am guilty or feel guilty, just simply because I have no intention to be led around contributing to this circus of unnecessary speculation at the expense of someone else's amusement.

It's just outright rude when someone comes up to me in my face, tattles something nasty someone else said about me from a pocketful of gossip in a bid to get me all heated up and indignant before resorting to name-dropping just to agitate a response from me when I fail to contribute.

Am I seriously expected to join in. And should I do, if I do, what will in turn be told to that person?

The only thing that occurred to me was how many others have been subjected, how many words twisted to achieve their intended effect and how many who actually stopped even for a split second to weigh those words and wonder whether they were being led like a moose.

It's just unimpressive and unwarranted.
Gives rise to unnecessary tension everywhere, and between people who barely even know each other.
Y must liddat huh?


Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.


Anyway moving away from all work-related stuff ...

I'm finally done settling my trip to Stockholm, Paris & London >:)

Of which I must also add was quite an emotionally wrecking experience. Was happily booking tickets from SG - London - Stockholm and finalising payment details when the website hung and 3 seconds later when I was logged back in, I was greeted with a price hike of almost $4000. Tried calling up SQ but there wasn't anything they could do about it so I had to book my tickets separately. Not kewl.

I probably should've booked my tickets earlier but the scrooge within me somehow thought that hey maybe if I hold out slightly longer the prices will drop. Obviously doesn't pay to be miserly :( Everyone knows that each time I try to play sensible and smugly stinge on something, it always backfires in my face.

I'm also going to have a find a way to arrive at the airport armed with a pharmacy worth of sleeping pills. My parents have always been pretty conservative and restrictive with our holiday destinations because I'm always the unbelievably sad, scrawny, deathly green kid in the corner clutching on to puke bag for dear life so I'm really fearing for me. 16 hours worth of flight is really kind of like food for thought if I'm gonna land at my destination alive.

But you know, other than that niggling thought, I'm excited like a fat bee about all the shopping! I'll be in the land of H&M just in time for the Lanvin collaboration >:) and ... BFF has been filling me in on all the places in London shes discovered that will be having brilliant EOY sales. I'm also crossing my fingers to death that there'll be all those exclusive guerilla'ish sales when I'm over! And because my joy has been very infectious ha ha everyone has also started sending in their excel sheet orders along with all sorts of threats that will materialise if I miss any out.

I cannot wait for time off work!

And to cheer myself up the past weeks, I've been trigger happy shopping for winter clothing, trawling through sites for fluffy capes, oversized knitwear, knee-high riding boots and trying to cheat V into buying all sorts of Zara at insane prices on his trip to Barcelona.

Since I've tried sneaker-casual and bogan-comfy (shame on me haha) this year at different winter countries, I thought it'd be fun to try something sharper this time round.

I'm on a mission to find everything listed!
Less the brands that is, which are very compromisable. I don't think I could fork out enough for the Burberry trench.

By the way, if you're aghast by the black furry jacket, I must first let you know that it's obviously not real fur and second, it has always been a secret kinks in me to look like a princess with a cape - chinese emperor show in verycoldwinter style ha ha so it's really important that I find something like that.

OK. This been a long rambly post.
I'm going back to enjoying the rest of my weekend and sifting through good accommodation! :)
With the insane workload, I finally understand why Sundays are so precious haha.

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