Thursday, November 4, 2010


Promised to put up Melb pictures first but it's going to take me ages to sift through, edit and upload the obscene amount of photos we took so I've decided to do a Bali photo-post instead! I'm glad we managed to fit the trip in despite our super squished schedule. Spent some much needed quality time with the parents & sister and now we can't wait for Maldives, hopefully at the end of this year!

Here's my massive photopost if you havn't already seen the pictures on Mag's blog!
The place was insanely beautiful (and therapeutic).


At the beach. In time to catch the sunset & try out bigass kokonuts right after our flight -

And off to our hotel! :)

Prepping for dinner;

Brilliant authentic Balinese cuisine at the hotel;

Brekky delivered right to our rooms every morning!

Sightseeing nearby;

Drinks at Bvlgari Resort;

& here's to my dear little sister and her antics;


What we woke up to in the morning -




And that wraps up our very quick getaway to Bali.

Now I'm waiting like an eager beaver for our next family holiday.
We stayed on a cliff previously; it's gonna be on stilts in the sea next!

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