Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter in Melbourne

I'm back from my trip to Europe! :)

The weather was seriously ball-freezingly cold and the 16 hour flight + transit time was painful at the very least but I'm glad I hauled myself over; more so that I finally overcame the miseries that used to plague me on long-haul flights (albeit armed with a pharmacy worth of motion sickness pills). Although I did fall deathly ill for 2 days, I'm pretty sure my parents secretly wept in pride on knowing I landed alive. God only knows the heinous amount of torment I put them through each time I used to board the plane on semi-long distance flights.

So it's hellowello to many more awesome distance trips to come!

They're all so excited, we're already planning another trip to go back and visit the places (I quote my mom) "where their love blossomed". Ha Ha I bet Mag just got the heebiejeebies.

In the meantime, because I'm so superbly overdue with all my picture posts, here's winter in Melbourne mid of this year for weekend school :) I promise to put up a post on Japan soonish too so we can get over that and clear the massive overhaul of pictures we took this trip!


Putting up at Lee Yi's place for the week/Fluffy Chloe the lamb

Dinner with the pals in the city/brilliant mains, risotto & dessert

Ca De Vin/Coffee & Dessert at Supperclub

Emo night at Crown, Yarra & St Kildas for dinner & drinks/Me in super shameless FOB wear :(

Korean Dinner & Bistro Vue

Mart Cafe at Middle Park for brekky, Chapel St & the Korean hairdressers for Lee's new haircut :)

Hen's birthday dinner

Mucking around outside Phoon's house while she sneaks home and steals her car keys/Shopping like bogans at the 24hr Kmart!

Brekky at Laurent/Miss Marples/Mount Dandenong

Tea at Phoon's for her mom's awesome cookies & cupcakes/Pancake Parlour & Print Machines

And that wraps up Melbourne - in a nutshell.
Can't wait to go back soon for an obscene amount of awesome dinners and awesomer company :)

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