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January '11 & pictures from Japan Aug '10

Taking a break off the post. I'm slightly crossed eyed with all the emails coming in!
Very overdue post as usual unfortunately. But I'm making up with the obscene number of pictures below.


In other HVV news .. one more collection to go before CNY. Look out for some superbly pretty (no, really haha) pieces coming up soon!

V has also returned (for a miserable 12 days I might add) from his exchange stint in Sweden and ... also flown off again to Shanghai for a 6-month internship so the past two weeks have pretty much been spent trying to catch up on quality time as much as possible and sneaking in a small (but swell) break to BKK over the weekend for some good food and shopping :)


Anyway, back to the Japan trip.
Japan in August was really quite feral. I don't think we realised exactly how hot it was going to be (considering it was winter the last time both of us went). The place was like a boiler.. within a boiler and the ventilation was crap so we were extremely miserable half the time. So.. please excuse the heaps of sweaty, tired-looking and gross pictures :(

On our way from the airport to the hotel

Trying to find our way to Shibuya

I didn't really understand Shibuya109 though. Or maybe I just lack the depth needed to appreciate Japanese fashion. The concierge said it was the place to go to for shopping. But the building, although split into many different shops, stock practically identical stuff across all shops from Level 1 to 6. I'm supposing that lace was in fashion when I was over because that was pretty much what the entire building was selling, identical lacey stuff in the same colors and in the same type of prints, which was .. beyond me.

Was pretty bummed out at first, but then sought solace in H&M and other random local designer stores we found along the streets which had much much better stuff.

I thought this was massive but that was before I saw the ones in Stockholm >:)


Groggy & Grumpy/Breakfast at the club lounge

And then off for more shopping at the Shinjuku area

I don't know why I look so ruddy & gross here :(


And then V brought us to Narisawa les Creations for dinner. It's meant to be the best restaurant in Asia!

Excuse the (extremely) crass descriptions, I can't remember the exact names off the menu :(

Mixed dough being heated right in front of you while you wait for it to form. Can't get any fresher than that!
Butter in a flower pot/Radish entree

Vegetable Appetiser/Seafood Bouillabaisse/Lobster/Foie Gras

Pigeon/72-hour processed Charcoal Wagyu
Me & V were marveling at the time taken to prepare it. I don't usually like ordering Wagyu because I haven't come across any restaurant that does it the way it's meant to be, exactly. But Narisawa seriously takes the cake, the wagyu here is insane.

Dessert/Dessert Trolley :)


Popped by a day-market that sold all sorts of random stuff

And came across this shop that had massive Cros on sale. Like hideous magnified.

Daiso for super cheap treats, dog snacks/toys.
I was really tickled when I came across the massive coke.
Ha ha excuse the look on my face

A hugeass toy/electronics store that's like a brilliant maze (forgot the name) to look for V's camera and to find my mum's massage cushion.

Was a happy camper walking through the aisles at the toy section.
I really like popping in massive toys shops to wander around and browse through the aisles of Polly Pocket/Barbie/girly stuff before poking them a little bit here and there.

Hahaha the super chinese looking, money-waving kitty that we were seriously considering buying for the office. Decided against it in the end because it was too small. Not official looking enough.


Aoyama district to have a peek at the high-end labels, local designer stores

Harajuku for more shopping

Hahaha sorry, I can't help but add this series of pictures in.
Apparently according to V, this is how I look almost all the time when I see something I want to eat.

I stop by and peep at what's going on,

I turn around to look for the nearest person to exclaim loudly that I want to eat that/whine that I need money/small change. (Okay this is just a damn bad picture of me in mid-blink)

And.. someone gives me the coins to let me buy what I want.

You have to admit I am pretty damned easy to satisfy hahaha.


A quick change at the hotel and off to Odaiba :)
I hope I got the name right, it's this new place in Tokyo that has awesome shopping and (very) random global monuments.

Muscle Park, an indoor mini-theme park, Ninja Warrior style hahaha

Mini Indoor HK

Mini Japan/US

Faux Statue of Liberty

And off to the shopping/designer store section. Not many pictures though because there wasn't enough time and we were frantically trying to get our stuff.

Btw, we were amazed at how the parents pay to chuck their kids inside those massive float rolls before sailing off to shop. You get to see them inside running tirelessly like hamsters. Hahaha


Disneyland! :)

Hahaha I just had to add the second picture.
Can you believe how incredibly lame he can get????

The weather was way too foul to join the massive queues for a ride so we ended up eating and eating..

We started off into the stores me telling V that only tourist schmucks get cheated into buying more than xx of Disney stuff.
An hour later, we ended up with .. too much.

Check out how (gross, sweaty and) adorned we are with Disney stuff!!


And our last day. Lunch at Pierre Gagnaire :)

A nice lunch to finish off our trip :)
(We were so happy eating, we almost missed our flight haha)

Will update about Europe soon!

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