Saturday, March 26, 2011

Linköping & Stockholm '10 (I)

Finally getting down to this!
A week in Sweden to visit V :)

The trip was awesomeee but the journey there was ... a bit iffy. 24 hours straight up of traveling, two plane rides, two train rides and a bus ride before we finally reached Linköping. It was like the corner of the corner of the earth. No joke.

There aren't many pictures either because V had school everyday and he was rushing his year-end assignments so we could only go out at night :( Owell. Here goes!

Linköping Town Centre. It's the smallest/quietest place I've ever seen!

(although I have to give it credit, it does have an H&M)
And prices are heaps cheaper than in Japan or HK :)

Sorry, I have to add this in.
Can you tell how much weight V has lost :O
(compared to the Japan pictures where he looked like he was going to pop!!)
Everyone says I'm bad influence for everyone because I just keep on stuffing and stuffing my face and I'm so happy that everyone is always encouraged to join in hahaha. Just so you know, I didn't see V for 3 months and he lost slightly over 10kgs. And looks it. Insane.

My new haircut.
Not so new anymore because it's almost 5 months old. But I'm trying to go shorter and shorter.
When I finally find the balls, I'm going to get a bob.

Outside V's accom and off to Ikea to try their meatballs because I didn't want to go to the Chocolate Factory. That was pretty much the only other alternative hahaha.

Dirt cheap and super gooddddd.

And V got us ice hockey match tickets so we could try out something different :)
(He normally doesn't have any initiative at all so this is a very big deal haha)

The walk back to the station.
Check out my gloves man. I borrowed them from V because I didn't have any. They're so massive they look like rapist gloves.

That aside, I love this picture because V looks like a durian seller but I look so happy and contented, you can practically see my SMIZE.

Supper at a tapas bar.
The place was tucked in a little corner of the town centre but the food was amazing.

Day-trip to Stockholm.

Check out the number of H&M stores there are, it stretches down all the way to the back! + V skulking around and taking random pictures because he was bored to death while I disappeared into rack after rack of heaven.

Street Market

Gamla Stan/Us attempting to find the Royal Palace

Old Town Christmas Market :)

Cotton Candy and the inevitable unglamorous picture series -

Notice how I took of my gloves like an eager beaver :(
5 minutes after this we were regretting horribly because our fingers were freezing and sticky and we couldn't shove them back into our gloves. And then, yours truly had a lightbulb moment and took out water to wash my hands. Which btw was the stupidest move anyone could possibly pull at -9 degrees. I spent the next 15 minutes convinced I was going to be taken over by frostbite and whimpering miserably trying to feel my fingers :(

The Royal Palace.
Which was closed to the public because some royalty from another country came down :(

Making our way back down to Stockholm Central/Stopping by for Hot Chocolate. It was so cold, that was probably the only one time I ever felt like I truly appreciated a hot drink.

After this we had to rush back to catch Harry Potter :)

And that pretty much wrapped up my week in Sweden, of which 2 days were wasted because I fell sick and the rest taken up in the day because V had school :( I wish I had stayed longer! The weather was brilliant, I cleared a grand total of 10 emails when I was there (that's what I call a holiday) and I didn't look like a prawn cracker. The weather made me all pink and flushed and alive even without make up. Oh what I'd give to have some of that in SG.

Anyway there are wayyy too many pictures to put up so I'll leave London and Paris for the next post :)

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