Monday, May 30, 2011

We all deserve a kitkat

Been traveling like a fiend the past few weeks to meet new suppliers and manufacturers. If I thought I was busy last time, my schedule is on the brink of absolute insanity now. But I'm loving it :) Although my trips are packed and working from overseas to catch up on what's going on in SG is a bit of a downer, it's nice to step out of the country and just detach. And it's helping me earn mileage too so I'm not complaining!

Funny how just 3 months ago I used to think it wouldn't be necessary to take that extra step and venture out. I'm glad we did though, because it's proving to be worth the risk! So.. now that our stocks are coming in on a regular basis (damn, finally), we really gotta uppp our manpower. Probably gonna put up another hiring ad soon complete with the scenario questions :)

Anyhoo, snippet pictures from ancient times,

MBS - Mag's birthday with the family at Guy Savoy.
3.5 hours of blissful stuffing. Check out Mag's blog for her pictures (when she finally finds the time to update it).
The rest of the pictures are all with her :(

Prelude for Drinks


Guy Savoy before V left for Shanghai -

BKK for a 3-day trip.
Not many pictures though because I forgot to bring the camera charger and we were too busy shopping & pigging our hearts out!

Club Lounge, they never ever fail with their cocktails and canapes :)
Hands down the best amongst all the hotels we've ever been to.

Le Beaulieu for lunch

And on the last day there was a massive protest going on right beneath the hotel.

It was quite funny because me & V had an argument and I announced (very grandly) that I was going off by myself because if I stuck around I'd just get crosser with him so I sailed off hoping to go to Platinum but then on my way out I saw the hugeee red crowd, was convinced there was going to be a riot and got scared. Was obviously too proud to scuttle back to the room defeated so I walked around Gaysorn instead and Hugo Boss was having this massive clearance sale. And then I saw a nice tie, forgot all feelings of animosity because of the great bargain, bought the tie and sailed back to the room in a brilliant mood to share my joy and to be met by a very confused (and hesitant) boyfriend hahaha. Sometimes I wonder whether he wonders if I'm truly bipolar.

But that aside, check out the crowd that caused my little frisson of panic -

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