Saturday, July 2, 2011

London/Paris '10 (II)

I must say it really doesn't feel as if the last time I posted was a month ago :\
Time passes way too fast.

So much has happened the last few weeks though, the shit, the pits and the happy and I'm feeling really really lucky that I have some seriously awesome people in my life that have my back all the time :o)

Anyway, another super overdue hugeass picture post from London/Paris before I'm off for another trip on Wednesday!

A little bit more before I hit PPS kkkkkk, then I won't have to depend on dad to help me out anymore ;)

and proof of V's incredibly lousy phototaking skills,

as compared to this,

Paris for 2 days;
Obviously that was very poor approximation on our part.
There wasn't enough time for food, shopping or being touristy :(

V's poor phototaking skills PART 2
He took so long to get the camera started that I got bored (and cold) and took a seat and while I was about to, he took a picture. (I look like I'm about to take a dump) And then he started laughing and I got grumpy - the second picture haha.

This super nice American helped us take pictures and because they weren't clear enough, he lay down on the floor for more shots (!)

Back to Le Hide for dinner because the food was that gud :)

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