Thursday, July 21, 2011

London'10 (III)

Last bit of my Europe trip :)
Back in London for some good old outlet shopping and to celebrate Lee's birthday.

Outlet shopping;
The injustice of it all... the day I left, the day the Prada outlet opened :''(
Lee got 4 bags for 2000!!! :O
And they were brand new, some still retailing at Selfridges.

Hahaha we were laughing at how you can practically see me running in.

Haha and a tribute to V who managed to lose heaps of weight (but has also since gained it back after staying in Shanghai for 6 months). Cheers to good times :(

Sketch for dinner

Check out their super cute egg toilets :)

British Museum & Covent Gardens

Lee's birthday dinner which ended with us at Thai Square, Lee's favourite skank club in the world hahaha

Hahaha <3s to everyone's expressions in this picture
Everyone went home completely smashed that night

Borough Market the next morning -

V left to Sweden first so I walked him to the train station. It was quite funny because he found a wooden knife in his pocket on his way out and he handed it to me and after he left I was clutching on to it in the middle of the train station bawling my eyes out quite shamelessly. Hahaha must've looked pretty crazy.

Haha I never realised he looked so emo in this picture.
Why so serious?

Anyway, he left me with huge mess to pack and a very unhelpful best friend who took pictures and rolled on the bed while I packed like a slave and sewed like my life depended on it because my luggage popped.

I am very proud to say though that I managed to pack the mess, sew my luggage and squish 55kgs worth of stuff into 3 luggages and 3 handcarrys within 4 hours before I sent myself to the airport, although I did almost break my neck trying to get the luggages off the belt when I reached Singapore. But am I a warrior or what?

Anyway, after contemplating for just about forever, I've finally gone and gotten my hair snipped!! :o)

Been holding out for a bit because I've got a small face and broad shoulders. I was worried I'd turn out looking a bit like a ninja turtle, but all is good and I kind of really like how it turned out :)

Okay I'm super late now, gotta run.
Will blog about what's coming up the next post! :)

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  1. Hi Babe,

    may i know where is the outlet shopping which u mentioned in this post? is the carnaby street good for shopping?