Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seoul 2011

A 5-day breather away from work.
We had so much fun last year, we had to make a second trip :)

Nice room; pretty miserable view :(

and feeble attempts at touristy shots.

Haha they were pretty fail, it's not possible to play brilliant tourist when the weather is so hot!!! Really :(

The picture of Lee cracks me up every time.
I'm assuming that's the epitome of how a nasty parlor Korean equivalent of a head parlor maid would look like hahahaha


Dongdaemun; Korean BBQ Dinner

Annyeong-haseyo to Korean style drinking

Sinsa & Dongdaemun
For brekky & local designer shopping; Midnight shopping

Lotte World

Dongdaemun; Caffe Bene
Waffles and one last desperate trawl through the rest of the malls :)

And a last hurrah to the doctor who managed to summarise his ad so succinctly (V was starstruck by this, I dunno why); and to me who once again managed to come up with a sob story good enough to get my 60kgs worth of luggage on to the plane with me. I kid, I kid. It was a sob story the last time I came to Seoul. This time, I tried to con my way through instead haha.

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