Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Morsel of my Life

I'm ashamed to say I haven't been active here for months yet again nor formspring or twitter :(

I attribute that to my (unfortunate) lack of interesting topics to blog about lately and the very boring life I now lead because of the increasing workload I have at HVV (more on that later). I kind of feel like my creativity's sizzling out and that I've been overwhelmed by a bout of dis-personalization, funnily enough, if you get what I mean, which kind of makes my entries seem very vacuous. And considering how much I used to like blogging, it's quite the miserable feeling :(

But yes, I have received all your FS questions/comments and I will try to put up more outfit-of-the-day pictures on my blog and twitter so you guys can see how truly beautiful and versatile our pieces are haha and in the meantime, if you have a topic in mind that you'd like me to blog about, you can always leave me a FS comment and I will get to it :)

For now, I'll leave you guys to random snippets across the last few weeks. Apologies in advance for some of the unclear pictures, my trusty old camera has wonked up since I dropped it so I've resorted to picture taking on my iPhone instead.

Dinner with the family at Paragon,

V's birthday dinner at Gunthers, Drinks at Alleybar

A short trip with mum/
Trying out a slightly shorter cut,

Approving samples,

Bits of photobooth,

After my most recent haircut with Gabriel,

A day at an HVV shoot,

It starts off all prim and proper and professional ... before they both start rubbing each other the wrong way hahahaha.

Shoots with the both of them always crack me and Mag up so bad and gets everyone within earshot shouting with laughter.

A normal day at a photoshoot normally sees Claire starting off very placid and demure before she starts getting mildly cross at Chase' silly comments. And then ... it escalates into yelling at a trigger (literally) happy Chase for taking incredibly unglamorous shots of her. That then launches into friendly squabbling, threats (possible violence) especially when he starts saying her shots aren't up to standard of which she then blames his tiny tee that shows off his cleavage (apparently .. the valley distracts her). ?! Hahaha

My loyalty to her and lack of bravery towards losing fine talent (in case she quits the job haha) disallows me to put up some of the very incriminating shots we have of her, but me and Mag managed to catch pictorial evidence of both of them in action :)

1. Chase makes Claire strike an exciting pose
2. She does it very solemnly and he giggles
3. She loses her balance and gets cross while he bursts into laughter
4. She totters across to take revenge
5. Indulges in inappropriate violence
6. Surprisingly and (very obediently) totters back to resume her serious posing

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