Monday, March 5, 2012

And I Return

From a three month hiatus no less. I'm terribly sorry for the disappearance again :( I worked like a slave during the CNY period (true story) and then when we had a break for the holiday, I got carried away and lost momentum. My bad.

So... In a spectacular bid to get my ahem, pendulum going again, I've done a blog overhaul. Now, I can do many little snippet posts of my life (as opposed to long drawly ones) without feeling that my blog is well ... naked :D

Anyway, since I've been stuffing my face all this time, I thought I'd start with food :) And a brilliant restaurant recommendation to boot since I managed to find a super nais Spanish restaurant. Me and V recently had an impromptu dinner date at Vivo and since we were a couple of hours early for our movie we thought we'd pop in to Serenity Restaurant.

I know I sound like I'm gushing, but the Mediterranean-style ambience, seaview, super cute band and cuisine were a brilliant combination, nice and very atypical of the normal stuff we usually have. If you're around the area, you must give it a try!

My outfit of the day & me trying to smile without teeth because I'm trying to go for the whole kind and demure look.

The band; Spanish triple cheese platter; Foie Gras with onion, Iberico ham and smashed egg/potatoes

And because it's 6am and I really need to get back to vetting pictures, here's ending off with a picture of Huffy with his eyes half closed in his slutty cave as Mag calls it hahaha