Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I've been up to

And I've joined the Singapore Restaurant Week wagon :) 
Just a couple of weeks ago I thought it'd be a pretty crummy deal because I envisioned heaps of people furiously logging on, grabbing seats and basically turning the restaurant into a circus but (obviously) I've been proven wrong. I'm glad I listened to V and gave it a shot.

Our first stop, The Knolls at Capella - 
Nice and private the way I like it :)

Hahahaha I asked V to give a kind face and this was what he came up with.
Not very inspirational unfortunately. 

Tomato Soup/Beef Carpaccio/Steak & Pasta/Blueberry Tiramisu 

The mandatory narcissistic shots, and my favourite bag of the moment in argent :) 


Before my trip, we met up with the BFFs at Serenity for a catch up session :)

Check out Mag the great beauty at the back, 

V couldn't accompany me this time so mummy came along instead. 
She always complains she's deprived of civilisation and practically becomes a slave when she comes along work trips with me so I'm always secretly glad when she does :) 

Here's how I look without make up and in glasses (but with the wonderful effects of Instagram).
They just look huge on me because I've got a small face :( 
Although I must add, my nose is obscenely big so I hold them up really well hahaha
Anyway, the products the derm is giving me are bloody awesome. It gives me a nice pink tinge and other than my sleepy eyes and eyebags, I get to parade around without make up but without having to feel conscious about blemishes or looking pallid. Very my cup of tea.

My little work station and an upcoming HVV bustier in floral prints and polka hearts :) 



  1. Oh! Love the snake T-shirt! Where did you get it?

    1. It's a sample piece :) We might be redoing the print but it should be up on HVV soon!

    2. oooh! love it! XD do more pumps too please!

  2. Would love it if HVV manufacture rompers like the one on Mag, love the cut and prints! So pretty! ;)

  3. May I know where is the romper that Mag is wearing from? =)

  4. i love the upcoming HVV bustier in floral prints!
    when are you launching? ;)

  5. In case you're interested, the Tallulah Romper ( is in the same cut :) Just that it's not printed!

  6. Hi Yvonne, we're still waiting on stocks to arrive but it should be within the next 1 - 2 weeks! :)

  7. Mag's romper was from ASOS :)

  8. Hi Clare, may I know the contact of your derm and is he / she good with acne issues? thanks!