Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Failed Restaurant Week

So much for the Restaurant Week bandwagon. I ended up barely even fulfilling my second reservation, much less the third or the fourth! Haha shame on me.

Brunch at Shang Palace

Complete with ulta unglamorous pictures of Mag photo bombing me in the grossest expressions. Out of the kindness in my heart, I didn't post all of them but please feel free to judge the two that I did. Hahaha

I wore HVV's Acacia Pleat Dress in Orange and I reaally like how it complements the Galet and HOH accessories.

Anyway, Mag and I thought we'd book Shang Palace for brunch with Mum but then we ended up asking Dad along at the very last minute (because he managed to make it sound like we were leaving him out of it, even though he wasn't free) In the end, he popped by for a little while, but in that very little while that he was there, he decided that the Restaurant Week menu wasn't his cup of tea and we ended up having overpriced dimsum instead. Food wasn't that great this time round but then the ambience did make up for it very slightly. 

So, that was Restaurant Week fail 1 :( 

Some pictures we took after Dad scooted off - 


Restaurant Week fail 2 is actually ... really quite sad haha. We were meant to go to La Cicala at Ann Siang for dinner but after circling the area several times without being able to find a lot, we gave up and ended up at a Spanish/Fusion restaurant in Chijmes instead.

They had one of the best Truffle Fries I've ever had!

I apologise for that piece of meat dangling in between. I thought it was er .. decorative but I didn't realise that V just happened to drop it very unceremoniously, like right there.


Other random pictures I've accumulated - 

L’Atelier Joel Robuchon at RWS.
Entrees were brilliant but surprisingly, the mains weren't that great.

Second pic from the left, first row is meant to be my "HI I'M 10 AND VERY KIND" face but no one seems to think the same way :(
Instead, my friends are telling me I look like a baby penis with HAIR. wtf.
I can't be bothered to replace it with another picture to fit my square nicely and I don't have another picture so .. don't say anything mean. 


Pictures off Facebook when Phoon came back to visit. 
I apologise for the lack of pictures :( I'm incredibly sad because there were many exciting (and incriminating) photos but I can't seem to find the memory card that holds all these precious pictures we took. And I'm kicking myself for it because they include priceless ones with the BFFs crawling all directions, singing themselves silly and drinking themselves to the point of OCD.


And Mum's treat - we booked a room for lunch at Peach Garden with the HVV girls :)

I think I've said this before and I'm gonna say this again but I'm so bloody happy that I've found them. The sifting time to find someone that's fantastic is a bitch; the sifting time to find a team that's fantastic is even bitchier, but by some great stroke of luck, we have, and it's worth all the bitchfits we threw to get to them :)

SO, Say aloha to this awesome group, the ones that are behind the replies, that have to lug bags of clothes, shoes and accessories from point to point every week under the blistering heat during photoshoots, that painstakingly write your thank you notes, fight for more freebies and promos for you, fret over the littlest bits of stuff that crop up, strive towards better customer service, stay in long after office hours to make sure that everyone gets their parcel pronto, squabble over stocks and packing to make sure items are neatly packed and safely sent, sew hundreds of pieces voraciously when on a whim, Mag and I decide to change a dress to a top because we'll think it'll do better and ... well, heaps more but at the end of the day, are still the ones that stick together no matter what adversities are thrown at us and have our backs :)

Although I don't (think) I show it, I <3 this group of girls and our extended HVV family (even though they're not shown here) very much.

I'm feeling so overwhelmed with love right now, I could give each of them a slobbery kiss.

Haha I kid. Just imagine the ghastly look on all their faces. They might not want to work for HVV anymore after that.


And, that wraps my looong winded blog post.
Imma clear some emails and then watch a movie with V in a bit :)

Oh, and since I'm at it I might as well add, I did something super embarrassing the other day at a shoot (and in front of our new model). Everyone was talking and I was trying to talk over them and tell them I wanted to watch Hunger Games, just that I called it Hungry Games instead (very possibly because I was also thinking of dinner) and I was chanting it over and over again most happily until everyone kind of just .. quietened down and then there was an awkward silence before Mag went .. 'uh Clare, you mean Hunger Games?'

What a snap moment :(

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