Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Finally found the time to pop down for a haircut. Was 2 weeks late and I had some crazy hair so the stylist wasn't very impressed :( I think I've gone shorter (definitely more voluminous), but then my hair grows so fast, I always feel I've gone shorter after a cut!

Anyway, piccas from last week :)

Mag and I met up with a couple of people for possible collaborations and it was surprisingly very invigorating. It's nice to get to meet people that express themselves well and are able to broach topics with candidness, perspective and humility that's very rare nowadays. I'm very inspired!

Waiting for mummy to pick us up to go for dinner after both our meetings -

We decided on Basilico, Italian buffet but I hear their brunch is better especially on Sundays because there's a wider variety and free flow Foie Gras!!! 

If you're there, remember to ask for their truffle and cheese bread (? )There's a name for this but unfortunately I was so distracted by the wafty wafty smell of the truffle I didn't catch it. 

It's a stroke of genius with cheese and heaps of truffle sauce :o)~~~


Brasserie Wolf  

We missed it during Restaurant Week so we decided to give it another shot :)
The French Onion soup with Gruyere Cheese and Toast was bloody good!!!

French Onion Soup; Foie Gras Pate
Beef Tartare; Duck Confit


What we do during our weekly shoots 

In a nutshell, Mag does sexual harassment down to a T (and sometimes when English doesn't cut it, she ventures into Chinese lewdity) while our precious model takes it politely (.... possibly encouragingly hahaha) and boogies (literally) off and on the set after each outfit; our make up artist is the calmest of the lot and she does the fussing over our model to make sure her hair and make up is perfecto; and I sit in the corner and order food/furiously stuff my face before persuading everyone to join me in my vices and when they reject politely, I work my passive threats to make sure they eat what I buy. The last shoot, we successfully had Twelve Cupcakes, Long Johns, Dominoes Pizza, chicken and onion rings and heaps of chips :O 

How can you resist a box that opens to this?!

And in between all the above, we also get heaps of unglamorous, candid shots of everyone in various compromising positions. We're still deciding whether we want that to be made public haha.

Anyway, in the meantime, I've nicked a couple of super mild pictures from Mag's blog and my Photobooth.

Anyway, to cleanse your palette so you don't go away thinking that HVV is all sorts of weird and kinky, here's a behind-the-scenes Instagram pair and ... 

Our latest preview!
I <3 how it looks so dainty and summery. 
Three hips and a hurrah to the awesome team we have :)
Here's to many more fun, food-filled shoots and beautiful pictures!



  1. Thats a really gorgeous top! (1st few pics) Where did you get it? :)

  2. Hi babe,

    May I know where did you get your bottoms and shoes from, in the photo whereby you paired with this glittery knit top.


  3. Sorry for the late reply, I didn't realise my comments function was turned on!
    I got the knit top overseas but we've got a really similar piece up for sale on HVV as well :)
    Just launched it today, go see! :)

  4. The jeggings will be coming up on HVV soon, the shoes are from Chanel :)