Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wicked & Asian Cuisine

MBS is like our home away from home because that's the only place that Dad can always redeem his points so that he doesn't have to pay for anything hahahaha.

A phone conversation that Mag has with Dad on a very frequent basis:
Mag: Dad where are you?
Dad: I'm at the club.
Mag: Are you gambling?!?!
Dad: Er... no, of course not! I'm trying to earn points.

Anyway, this time round, he redeemed us some Wicked tickets :)
The seats we got were damned good but we missed the first half quarter of the musical because we were late :( Snuck a couple of pictures inside the theatre as well but they're too blurry so I'll give those a miss. A couple of outfit shots with Mag -

Hide Yamamoto at MBS on a separate occasion and GV Katong with the family for Battleship! It was  American propaganda through and through but I liked it :)

Don't tell me my taste sucks if you don't like it :( And don't take my word for it either :( I am apparently a crap movie reviewer because my friends say I'm like an amoeba when it comes to my taste and capacity for movies. Hahaha to the point that it's quite crass actually (I admit). I like movies to keep themselves incredibly simple and straightforward. Life is already filled with enough problems, movies are a getaway from reality so they should be full of action and happy endings and most definitely not thought inducing or mind-boggling!

But you know, to each their own. 

ANYWAY, the last movie we watched together was awful and my parents left feeling most cheated because it's normally both of us that choose which movies to watch but I'd like to think I didn't cheat them this time with this movie :) 
(Mag and Mum were watching with their mouths half open most of the time)

Dim Sum at Royal China before we adjourned for dessert at Empire Cafe & Dinner with Mag :)

And that marks what I've been up to this week!

I've been slacking off most of the week away so now I have an obscene amount of emails in my personal gmail to clear on top of finalizing heaps of new samples and submitting more designs all by tonight!! :( 

I think I'm going to go and bother Mag :(
It's really easy to con her to do things.

In the meantime, stay tuned! If Mag decides to try the samples for me (since she's closer to our model's height) I'll be free to take pictures of what's coming up on HVV soon! 



  1. hi clare, where did you get the leather jacket from? thanks!

  2. Hi! can u bring in the leather jacket you were wearing? :D
    btw i couldnt recognise mag at all... after her hair grew so much she looks so diff. hahaa... still pretty but so feminine now.
    both of u really rock the HVV outfits:)

  3. hi there, may i know where is the white lace dress you wore from? :) it's a pretty piece!

  4. Anonymous01 May, 2012

    been a follower of yr blog and no offense but mag looks totally different! almost couldn't recognise her at all!

  5. i got the jacket in korea, if i'm not wrong it was from a local designer. i just happened to pop into the shop!

  6. hello mintyvintage! :) haha thanks! somewhere along the way mag and i swapped hairstyles. i don't even think it occurred to us until recently when we were out together and caught sight of our reflections haha. now she's trying to grow out her hair and i'm trying to crop mine shorter and shorter!

    regarding the jacket, unfortunately i don't think we'll be able to! we normally use faux leather for HVV pieces to keep the prices friendly but because it's lighter, the flap in front wouldn't fall as nicely and that'd ruin the entire design! i'm still keeping a lookout for good alternative leather fabrics though!

  7. we just launched it the last collection :) it's not in stock at the moment but we've opened up BOs!

  8. why is that offensive? i think she looks great in long hair, very refreshing change <3