Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keep your eyes open

A little late, but I cannot wait for the second (movie) installation of Hunger Games!!!

I know I'm meant to do a post of my Bali holiday but I haven't had the time to sift through my pictures :( In the meantime, here are some outfit shots - 

Bistro du Vin (again)

It really is the perfect place to hang out during weekends.
And the mash and souffles are too good to miss :)~~

Wearing an upcoming HVV cotton tank in neon lime :) 

And then another quick work trip with mummy again because V's in Shanghai -

Also in an upcoming HVV piece, an oversized batwing top with a wide neckline that's super comfortable and perfect for flights because you get to curl up comfortably without having to worry that your tummy is peeking out/your tee has rolled itself up unceremoniously and also because you get to stuff your face obscenely without feeling even the slightest pinch of discomfort haha. 

While waiting for take off, saw this incredibly beautiful model on one of Her World's newer editions and spent a good half hour just gurgling at her picture. Flipped to the contents page only to find out that she's from China and very much out of our reach (and league). Sigh.

Some shots of upcoming pieces picked out from the heap of designs we've confirmed! 

We managed to cram meeting 8 suppliers in 2 and a half days (claps to us, okay just me actually because mum was pretty much just bubble bathing most of the time and watching canto TV - it's funny how dad always gets the very miscontrued idea that I abuse mum thoroughly on trips) and approved another batch of very very awesome designs :D What keeps our spirits up most of the time (other than a job well done) - a hearty breakfast, complimentary macaroons and mucho room service, potato gratin and foie gras pate!

Before V left for Shanghai, we decided to try Joel Robuchon. We went to L'Atelier Joel Robuchon the last time but didn't quite like it so we decided to go for the main restaurant instead and boy, I am definitely not regretting it. The bread and dessert/petit four trolley beats Guy Savoy's hands down. 

 They even give you a super adorbs lemon cake as a door gift :) 

In other news, Phoonty is also back for a week-long rare reunion <3 
The dear girl has finally graduated and started properly working (I'm still amazed at how we're all so old ... and working now!). And for all the times she has made me her guinea pig (undeniably fun times, although despite her assertions and assurances I continue to seriously doubt the hygiene and dubious methods used), I have since declared that she will fix or administer help to my teeth (or anything that will or might happen to my teeth) forever on for free hahaha. 

We had a first-time-meeting-best friend's-boyfriend-approval session earlier on the week but we were so engrossed in assessing that I forgot to take outfit pictures! haha I kid. 
I didn't miss out the second time though - Brasserie Wolf again for onion soup with gruyere cheese and steak tartare :)

Super <3 the cut of this piece. 

And to wrap this post nicely, here's a super cute picture of Huffs getting all possessive over his toys (and kind of doing a headcount to make sure none are missing) hahaha.


  1. Anonymous03 June, 2012

    omfg i look damn bad! of all the photos, why that one!? haha. why isn't huff playing with the pig?

    p.sno dubious method used. promise.

  2. Hi clare, are the striped dress and the white lace dress (in the sample shots) launched yet?