Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Taiwan Part II

Hello hello!

Now that I'm well fed (serious understatement) and well-rested from my 2 week CNY break, I'm back!! And yes, I've also finally gotten down to editing part II pictures from my Taiwan trip last year :) 

I figure that if I really didn't start getting down to it, I'd never be able to start on my blog posts for my Instagram, Birthday, Valentines, HVV's End of Year Sale and my trips to HK, Japan and Malaysia!! 

Not that Malaysia was much of a trip :( Side tracking a little, Malaysia was horrible (credits to yours truly unfortunately). More on my incredibly sad trip at the end of my post (If you're intending to drive to Malaysia in sunlight, you might want to read this and reconsider!) 

Anyway back to Taiwan! :)

V brought us to a pretty awesome (and very touristy) place on our third day.

Shang Dian Jie for great views, heaps of random stores selling local stuff, souvenirs and good food to boot; A very random dinner at Sogo; Shilin Night Market 

Day 4:

An incredibly random globe shopping centre that V brought us to (??) which we gave up on within 5 minutes :( Moved over to Ximending for dinner at the Modern Toilet Restaurant!

Day 5:

Agnes B Cafe at Taipei 101 for lunch; Zara for a massive sale; and then off to the Airport - Hello Kitty Souvenir Store; V stuffing his face at the Lounge 


Anyway, more about me and V's epic trip to Malaysia :'(
We decided to be adventurous and drive to Kuala Lumpur despite otherwise gentle (and in retrospect) very sensible persuasions from everyone who heard of our great idea. 

I went with a little flu and hoped that it would go away, but as with how the unluckiest things always have a knack of happening to me, the flu became a full-blown fever and by the time we checked into the hotel I was pretty much a corpse. Anyway the crux of this is, the only other time I saw KL in light this trip was when I rolled out of bed and left the hotel to go back to Singapore!!! :( That was how sick I was :((( 

Poor V though. As if he didn't already have a deathly ill person to deal with, the poor soul had to deal with well, the consequences of my epic ideas. Before the trip, I thought I'd be really smart and try this thing that my best friend did (basically, tell the hotel that it's your anniversary so they'll give you a good room with a nice view and maybe throw in a chocolate or two if you're lucky). Great idea right? I'm sure you guys are taking note of this too :> So anyway, I thought I was really smart when I tried to pull this stunt and the hotel was brilliant really, they offered us a nice card (that got V all giggly, no really), a room with a great view (I didn't get to enjoy this unfortunately), strawberries, chocolates and a BIG bottle of wine.

Yes, a very big bottle at that. So guess what V was doing when I was in bed incoherent with my fever (to his credit, he did take care of me very well and in my bouts of consciousness I rejected his multiple offers of going back to SG or going to the hospital because I was convinced that I'd get better). Hahaha well I obviously didn't get better and the poor guy ended up very sadly embarking on a great friendship with the bottle of wine and by the time we checked out, I was a disillusioned corpse and he was a sad and crushed alcoholic. Very defeated people the both of us. 

Anyway we decided to drive back in the morning and the sun had risen (and the sun in Malaysia is HORRIBLE) so I ended up covering myself with a blanket from head to toe (while sitting next to V in the passenger seat) while feeling ill-er and ill-er and crosser and crosser. Eventually I got so crotchety, it got to V too. I'm pretty sure the cars/motorcycles that passed us were very unimpressed. A dude driving angrily with a non-moving person next to him covered completely in a blanket. The customs officer wasn't very pleased with us either. 

I fell sick (like bedridden kind of sick!) for a week after that and lost 6 kgs (that I have unfortunately put on again over CNY - now I can slap people with my jowly chin) and I don't think I will ever attempt to drive to KL again or if I do, never ever in light :(

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