Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tokyo 2012 Part I

Its been some time since I last popped in here :(
Just wrapped up a brilliant birthday trip to Bangkok with Maggles and now I'm inspired to blog again. 

Throwback Sunday? 
Haha here's to another awesome trip I had with V to Tokyo.
I seriously love this country!! 

Food on the flight -  Looks (unfortunately) a bit like mush but the food for this flight beats the SG - HK one flat out! I'd put a thumbs up emoticon here if I had one. 

On a very random note, I really like how V always fills out my arrival forms for me. When I'm by myself, I only always realize I have to fill one out when I'm next in line and then I get incredibly harassed (and thyroid-attack prone, I swear) because I'm terrified that I'll have to go back and queue all over again 

Waiting for the train -
We stayed at Four Seasons Marunouchi this time round and because it's right smack above the train station, we got to arrange for a porter to come down and collect us and our luggages from the station.

The location was amazing :) The hotel is at Ginza so we were within walking distance to all the shops; heaps of restaurants round the corner; a 5 minute walk to the train station (surprisingly no noise problems!) and because it was a boutique hotel, the room was bigger as well! 

Off to wander around the Ginza area, look for dinner and get a belt for V (he forgot to bring one and ahem was apparently convinced that he was so slim that his pants would drop right off if he didn't get one soon enough). 

Popped into a random ramen store on our first night. The decor was a little bit crazy but the food was badass! 

V choosing our sets and my awesome bottle of lemonade, which got incredibly frustrating towards the end because when the water level goes down it starts getting really hard to get the drink out and it drove me insane because I could see the lemonade left! Everyone was very unimpressed with me :( 

Manneken for waffles!!!!

And Mos Cafe for Supper!
If you haven't tried the Mos Cheese Burger & Croquette in Singapore, please go try it!!!
I promise you won't regret it :)

And back to the hotel to KO and wake up super early for the Tsukiji Fish Market and Disneysea!! 

Disneysea > Disneyland

Will blog about that soon :>

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