Monday, May 13, 2013

Tokyo 2013 Part II

Day 2 at the Tsukiji Fish Market & DisneySea! 

Super image-heavy post :) 

V practically strangled me out of bed to go to the fish market with him in the morning (I really don't like fish and I didn't make it the last time round when we were in Japan 2 years ago so....)

Surprisingly, we made it just in time. Considering that I wasn't being very cooperative + we stopped by Mos Burger near the hotel for breakfast on the way there, I'm surprised we even made it at all haha. I hardly took pictures though because I was so tired :( and V was busy sniffing out (no pun intended) the best fishy restaurant to go into.

It got a bit awkward at this point because the restaurant had like .. 5 seats and there was a queue outside and I don't take fish and I was seated on a seat. The restaurant owner was visibly unhappy :( and while V was busy stuffing his face I alternated between staring at him (and when I was duly ignored) and staring really hard at a crack on the wall :( 

And onwards to DisneySea! :) 

The mandatory barrage of pictures from our day at DisneySea!
(don't say I didn't warn you!)

DisneySea > Disneyland x10

Queuing for overpriced food that was unfortunately quite nasty. If you end up at DisneySea, please don't buy the pork ... long bun? Get the spicy chicken drumstick further in instead! (I'll show you pictures later) 

We took incredibly gross photos of ourselves in different hats.
I shall be unfair and only show one picture of V in his hat. 

And after like an hour (!!) V settled on Donald Duck. Because of V's high collar, it's legs kept on shifting to the side and that made V look like a horribly mismatched rapper. And I kept complaining (because it looked so awful) and he kept explaining. 

Such a rebel that one. 

Awww.. look you can see our shadows ❤

I can practically feel all my friends rolling their eyes collectively hahahaha

DisneySea has like the best churros ever!
Long and warm hahahaha.

But the churros cart keeps getting pushed everywhere and it became so unbelievably difficult to find them because they didn't stay for long at a spot :(

Hahaha the entire time, I was just being really irritating and taking pictures and going
"Having problems?"

Btw, can you see my cute kitty ears? :) 

And this is how his hat kept lopping to the side. 
It drove me insane!! 

Buying soup (it was awesome)! 

(and then there was an awkward silence)

And yes, I know. 
I almost died too when I realized where V kept his coins :S

The incredibly small roller coaster that I persuaded V to get on.

It was meant for 7 - 10 year olds and the ticket girls giggled when they let us in. But what totally took the cake was when V was almost stuck trying to get in and when trying to get out heehee.

And this is the bomb!!
Spicy Chicken Drumstick from the .. land of the lost I think? 

Nice and piping hot just as the sun sets and it gets colder. Perfecto :>

V's great idea of trying to be thrifty - we ended up attempting to walk to the train station straight from DisneySea and it was horrible!! Please don't ever try that.

V ended up piggybacking me the rest of the distance (which was really quite a distance haha).

Singapore needs to have this awesome machine.

And a last shot of us (okay just me) in Disney touristy gear.

Went back to the hotel for a quick change and wrapped up the day with an impromptu pop into a random Japanese crepe restaurant that turned out to be pretty badass.

And there ya go :) My second day in Tokyo!
Will blog about my third day super soon :) 


  1. pixiejoyy13 May, 2013

    DISNEYSEA!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
    looks so awesome!

    I see that you've been trying to keep up with the updates :D Keep it up, I love reading your blog :)

  2. I really LOL when I saw where your bf kept his coins. hahah that must be memorable.

  3. @pixiejoyy

    It was! ;)
    Haha thanks! I'll try my best to continue blogging regularly <3

  4. @cherry

    Hahaha it was memorable (and really quite horrible). I'm very very relieved that he doesn't do this in SG ;)