Monday, May 20, 2013

Tokyo 2013 Part III

Day 3:
Lunch at Beige Restaurant x Chanel & Alain Ducasse
Odaiba (again!) - Museum of Emerging Science & Innovation, Aqua City, Diver City, Decks, Venus Fort 

Started the day with lunch at Beige (yes the Chanel restaurant!). 
I had no problems getting up for this hahaha.

Getting ready! :) 

V got bored because I was taking so long so he started taking pictures of himself in his pajamas + donald duck hat and of me getting ready. I shall spare everyone his selfiess but feel free to check out how horribly messy our room is in the background. As you can see, I'm unfortunately not a great homekeeper.

The weather on the third unfortunately wasn't great at all. 
When we left the hotel it was slightly drizzly but by the time we got to Ginza, it was pouring and we were horribly wet, late and sad :(( The receptionist at the restaurant was also not v amused at all. Then again, I suppose no one would be if two wet and scraggly people rocked up at a respectable restaurant D:

Ahem, attempted to get ourselves together and look presentable in the lift ride up. 

And the very pretty restaurant! :) 

The lighting ❤ 
... Okay only at my seat haha 

And then off to Odaiba! 

We were here 2 years ago but I liked it so much I wanted to go back :)

First stop ... Museum of Emerging Science & Innovation
V's kind of thing. 

It was a ...  harrassing journey there though hahaha. 
We wanted to stop by the Maritime Museum first but it was closed. Instead, we got caught in a storm with a horrible gale and the super cheap brolly (V's idea again! He was dandy pleased he got it at a steal) we had with us fell apart 5 minutes in (not so dandy anymore) so we were wet, freezing, giggly and both trying desperately to hold the sides of the brolly down. 
Very sad indeed. 

Anw after half an hour of searching for the place, including almost losing my scarf and the brolly in the wind (that was how strong it was!) and sliding around in puddles, we finally got to the museum.

Only to find out it was almost closing time -_- so we only ended up hanging around the main gallery. 

V ended up walking around the place nodding at everything approvingly while I pretty much just stood there and looked at the globe for the longest time ever (which explains why I don't have many pictures at all).

Walked over to the new shopping centre Diver's City,Venus Fort (outlet shopping!) & Decks after that. 

Spent absolutely ages looking for the Hong Kong and Japan themed floors that we went to the last time we were here and were really sad when we found out that they apparently cleared them out a few months after our last trip :( 


Unfortunately the only shot we have together was blurry :(

The temperature got a little insane after the rain (dropped to about 5 degrees from the 12 it was in the day) so we were v happy to get back to the hotel where it was warm and toasty :) 

And that wraps my third day in Tokyo! 

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