Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tokyo Part IV

Hello hello,

I'm sorry I've disappeared again for the last 2 weeks! 

I have an incredibly good explanation for this though :) Remember the survey we got you guys to fill out on HVV some time back? (Of course we were gonna do something about it!) Well we've pretty much put all your perspectives into a spanking new website (yes, for real, finally!) with some spanking awesome features and it is DABOMBXZ. Well … considering everything our team has put in, it better be (ok, plsplsplsplspls let it be) haha

Come to think of it, we've blazed through programmers like a tractor on crack (and believe me when I say I've met my fair share of horrifying, cardiac-arrest-inducing programmers) and we've finally found one that understands our lingo and that has initiative (this is a big deal to us because you'd think with the amount of programmers there are in SG they'd be easy to find but no, that's far off). So now that we've got an awesome website in the making that's pretty badass (no, really), I can't wait to introduce some of the features officially when the site is up! We're all crossing our fingers that everyone will like it as much as we do!! Crosscrosscross. So please stay tuned!! :) 

OK now that I've explained my hiatus, we can go back to the last two days of my Tokyo trip! :) 

On our third day V decided to bring us to Ueno Station to shop at random stores (according to him, we'd never been there before but then we ended up surprisingly, at the same place - seat to be exact, drinking a soft drink from the same Daiso store before it occurred to the both of us that we'd been there exactly 2 years ago hahaha) We are so incredible. 

Started off the day with free popcorn! :) 

Btw just so we get this clear, in the picture, I was not hustling for free popcorn as V so puts it. I was merely in mid gasp or something of that sort after finding out that they were giving out complimentary popcorn hahaha 

Popped into a very random booth-restaurant for lunch -

Its been two years but I'm still fascinated with their bigass soft drink cans. 

I wish Singapore would bring them in :( 

V's idea of being romantic is basically ... bringing me to a park to look at geese. 

So we popped over to Ueno Park across the road and just randomly walked around (in my case, pretty reluctantly) until we found … a mini food fair!! :) 

They should definitely have these in all parks during winter. I'm not a very nature loving person (refer Bali trip - a succinct justification of my fear for the sun) but give me some food, cold weather and I BE THERE.

Check out some of the super cute stalls below :) 

Case in point, I was telling V I wanted to be fair like light (as in the picture below) and he wasn't very impressed.

(deviating a little bit)

I'm far off from that but my dad (double ikr) recommended me his friend's derm who then recommended me this set of pills to take for whitening, detox and everything great. 

Okay they're actually a bit gross and my friends are all a bit grossed out BUT nobody can deny that they are working wonders. Everyone has unanimously agreed that I've gotten significantly fairer (and in 3 weeks to boot) so I'm a happy chappy!

Headed over to Shinjuku after - 

Now this is what I call a happy machine. 
It's in most of the subway stations and it's nothing short of a heap of awesome!! 

If you're in Tokyo and see one, please try the vanilla with chocolate and almond ❤ 

Dinner was pretty late (because we stuffed our afternoon away at the park) and at a random terriyaki restaurant we passed near our hotel. 

The ambience was pretty cool, the food was awesome and I'm actually amazed that considering the number of times we popped into random restaurants on a spur, we didn't meet with a single restaurant that had food that wasn't up to par ❤ 

Forced V to take a couple of extremely saccharine shots on a bench immersed in sparkly lights on the way back to the hotel hahaha. 

And our last day :(((

Went to Viron for lunch. It's apparently the only boulangerie in Japan that's allowed to use a flour called Retrodor. We were under the impression that it'd taste different but unfortunately it tasted just like a normal baguette :\

Other than that, we absolutely loved the Foie Gras Terrine and Beef :) 

Decided to take a last stroll around the Ginza area (to find Chrome Hearts and buy waffles from Manneken!!) before we returned to the hotel :'( 

And this was my furry (albeit a bit bogan'y) and super comfy travel outfit!

Yay and now that I've wrapped up my Japan trip ... HK is up next! 

Till then! 



  1. Anonymous12 June, 2013

    Hi Clare, if you dont mind sharing, who is the derma that you are seeing? I want to be super fair too!

  2. hi clare (: so happy that your blogging more regularly now! pls continue blogging! im going to tokyo in september and wanted to know which hotel you stayed in (: thanks!

  3. Anonymous14 June, 2013

    I really like how your relationship with Mag is so close and funny :) Thumbs up to the both of you for running HVV so well. Can't wait for the new website to be up!

  4. I go to DRX for my regular facial products but the whitening pills I'm taking are recommended by one of my dad's friends who is an aesthetics doctor :)

  5. Hi Angie, haha I'll definitely try to continue blogging regularly! I stayed at Four Seasons Marunouchi :)

  6. Hi Clare, can you share the contacts of the aesthetics doctor so that I can see whether I can take the whitening pills too?

  7. You can email me at lyn-ng@hotmail.com in case it's confidential! Thanks!