Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Foodtionary :)

Have been blogging so much about my trips overseas, I thought I'd take a break (before starting on my HK trip) to blog about food and where I've been going :D 

Some of the pictures aren't that great unfortunately because of dim lighting and not-so-up-to-par food photography skills :( but I promise I'll start working on bettering them!

Man Fu Yuan at Intercontinental Hotel

Went with V, Maggles and Z for lunch and the Dim Sum they have is seriously one of the best I've had in Singapore! We missed the buffet timing (even after both boyfriends raced furiously down to town hahaha) but made it for the last order so claps to us!

Marutama Ramen at Central Mall

With Lee and Gabriel :) 

The boiled eggs at Marutama are awesome btw. 
And if you like soft ramen, this is the place to go! V really really likes the ramen here haha but I like my noodles chewier so the other ramen restaurant a few levels down the same mall has my vote :) 

The woes of having hair that's in the land of in-between.
If you look close enough, you can see the insane amount of clips and bands I have on my head just to make sure my bun looks presentable :'(

And it's taking soooo long to grow my hair out that I'm seriously considering hair extensions.

But I am dead afraid that I might end up with a dead person's hair (!!!) so I spent a laborious amount of time online this week to find the best place to get clip ons that are preferably synthetic (but look natural) and watching countless of videos to learn how to wear them well so my head doesn't end up looking like a mullet. 

Shortlisted a couple of sites and emailed them so now I'm crossing my fingers that they have what I want! 

Doesn't V look happy?
His eyes are so small 

Anw, as you can see, the joke was obviously at my expense. 

High Tea at The Landing Point, Fullerton Bay Hotel

Perfect high-tea fix over the weekend :)
You get great variety and free refills for anything you want second or third servings for.

I'm always milking this very shamelessly! 

Zafferano at Ocean Financial Centre

I don't normally like Italian food very much but I'm more than happy to make this place an exception.
Awesome mood lighting, great decor and one of the best views (if you're seated outside).

My favorite is the poached egg with pecorino cheese! 

Absinthe at Clarke Quay

One of my favorite go-to places! 

They used to be located at Outram/Chinatown; the decor wasn't that great unfortunately, a little old and dated but they've since moved to Clarke Quay and the new restaurant is much bigger and prettier. 

Anyway, the reason why I keep on coming back is because of their Ravioles de Royan! It's cheese ravioli with pesto and citrus in light broth and it's amazing. Very cheesy without being overwhelming and I love it! :) 

Yes this is it!!

V was very perturbed by my Topshop tank. 
I think it says something along the lines of hell rider and has a picture of flames and a motorbike. 

Salt Tapas & Bar by Luke Mangan at Raffles City 

Have been wanting to try Esquina for Spanish-style tapas at Chinatown for the longest time but everytime we drive past the queue seems to go on forever so we eventually settled on Salt Tapas & Bar over the weekend. 

The ambience was very laidback, happy and noisy - me and V could barely hear each other over the noise haha and the tapas we ordered were pretty good. 

If you ever come here, you must try the potato croquettes! 

And ... recently me and V chanced upon incredible prata at a very random place :D

We used to go to the Thomson Prata but its unfortunately gotten too thick and oily for our liking and I always die a little bit from the heat because there's no air conditioning so we are very happy chappies for finding this place :)

Cheese prata and milk tea FTW! 

Will blog more about this place the next time round because I'm always such an eager beaver when I'm here that I never remember to take pictures! 


  1. Anonymous20 June, 2013

    Hello. And Bye.

  2. Anonymous21 June, 2013

    Hi Clare! Is the tweed skirt your wearing here from HVV?

  3. I noticed that V has taken off his braces!!!

  4. Anonymous22 June, 2013

    How much did you pay for tea at Fullerton Hotel?

  5. wowowow someone's food pics are getting better

  6. Anonymous: Yes it is! This is the direct link :)

    Michelle: Haha he has, and hes been showing them off to everyone -_-

    Anonymous: I think it was around $50 per person.

  7. Anonymous02 July, 2013

    How much is that chanel's shoes?