Sunday, April 13, 2014

✈ Europe

Finally found the time to do up my Europe trip! 

Have been dying to share it because it was one of the most amazing trips I've had. And by that I mean it was an absolute, hilarious riot. We decided to live life on the edge and I planned the itinerary (ha ha).

We flew to Frankfurt --> Prague --> Dresden --> Berlin --> Frankfurt (to pick Mag up since she had a stopover from NY) --> Zurich --> and back to Frankfurt for our flight to SG. And throughout, we rented a car to drive to our destinations. Okay fine, V drove, I don't have a license so I planned the routes (recipe for disaster already) and the entire trip was a series of hilarious mishaps. 

Btw if you're wondering why I planned the trip so we'd go from Germany to Czech Republic and back to Germany again - that's because I absolutely had to stay at this Berlin hotel (that was fully booked during the time we were in Prague, but you will understand my insistence when you see pictures). V was pretty horrified at my planning but I assured him that the distance was very equivalent and the poor guy entrusted his well, trust and faith in me hahaha. But let's get back to this later. 

SO! First stop - Frankfurt :)

Super comfy flight over, stuffed our faces silly with the never-ending supply of food on board especially my absolute favorite garlic bread. 

We stayed at Jumeirah and the location was perfect, right smack in the middle of Frankfurt's most popular shopping mile, Zeil. 

My outfit for the first day :) 

Zeil & Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market)! 

St. Bartholomew's Cathedral 

And then off to Mainkai Cafe for one of the best lunches ever!

Half way through stuffing my face though, I received news that my best friend got proposed to :'')))) and I burst into tears because I was so overwhelmed and happy.

V had a fine time trying to get me to get a hold of myself because it was a pretty small cafe and everyone thought he was an Asian bully hahaha.

Sidetracking a bit, I'm so excited about the wedding and I'm having a blast of a time preparing the bridal shower end this year, the venue and the theme. Everyone is agreeing that this is my second calling ;) 

And then we are off to the biggest Christmas Market in Frankfurt (it's amazing btw), we were skirting the corners initially so we were expecting a pretty small market like the one we were at earlier but when you follow the crowd through the cobblestone streets from one of the smaller entrances, it's pretty astounding :)

Here's an image I nicked from their website:

We were pretty much FOBs forever, just stuffing and stuffing and stuffing our faces (for lack of a better word).

But really, how can you resist candied apples, chocolate coated marshmallows, chocolate strawberries, cheese fondue, fried potatoes with garlic sauce??? Not possible. 

Day 2 - 

V wanted to drop by Frankfurt's Wall Street on the way to collecting the car. 

He mentioned something about grabbing it by it's horns for luck (???)

But then when we got there he started fondling it's ... genitals in front of a group of tourists!!

Is that how it's meant to be?? How does this work???
I'm pretty sure this isn't how it's meant to be.

After this incriminating picture, I had to drag him away. 
(have to be very wary of him now when he's around my two dogs hahahaha)

After we got to the car, it occurred to the both of us that we were really gonna drive!!

V took 15 minutes to get his zen on before he (literally) rattled us out of the carpark. It took us 20 mins to walk to collect the car but it took him a good 45 minutes to get back to the hotel hahaha.

Okay I contributed to that because my map reading skills were deplorable at most. And to boot, it was left hand drive. Each time we hit a roundabout, we had to stop, figure out which direction it was, and more often than not, wait for another car to come by so that we'd be able to follow in suit. And a couple of times, V went anti-direction because I couldn't figure out the maps. I think it was enough excitement to last him a couple of lifetimes :[

Anw, we finally got to the hotel, checked out and got on our way to Prague!!

It got off to a rattly start but we made good time with a quick stop at KFC to calm our souls after getting onto the AutoBahn :D 

Will blog about Prague super soon! :) 



  1. hi clare when did you go to europe and what was the temperature like? (:

  2. hi clare were you just in europe? how many days were you there for? thanks! :)))

  3. Hi Clare! Would you recommend driving or train if traveling in Eur?

  4. Hi Angie, I went early to mid Dec last year. The temp was around 0 - 3 degrees :)

  5. Anonymous: I am ashamed to say I was there last year but only just found the time to blog about my trip :x I was there for about 12 - 14 days.

  6. Hi Sarah, If you're looking to live life a little more on the edge, I'd say go for a rented car. Even though it was quite intense because everything was so unfamiliar to us, it was a heap of fun :)